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Zalto Carafe No 75 水晶玻璃醒酒器 卡拉夫瓶75號
Zalto Carafe No 75 水晶玻璃醒酒器 卡拉夫瓶75號

Zalto Carafe No 75 水晶玻璃醒酒器 卡拉夫瓶75號

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Each Zalto glass distinguishes itself from all other glasses. From the perfectly executed balance to the extraordinary design. The achievement of the Denk'Art Line are glasses that seem nearly too delicate to hold and yet they are made just for that.

Zalto Glasses have always been produced following a tradition of using only the most highly skilled glass-blowers working with a selection of the best raw materials. This tradition, and the resulting fineness of each glass, echoes the delicate virtuosity of the great Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance. Technical perfection is the basic principle of the Zalto Glass Works.

Capacity: 820ml
Height: 248mm

For lean white wines, water and fruit juices. Allows for optimal flavor development. Preserves the freshness. Well suited for storage in the refrigerator.

Zalto的創作理念為要滿足高貴尊榮的客戶需求,試圖在酒杯的功能和美觀上找到最完美的平衡。深深受到奧地利的葡萄酒權威-DENK神父的影響,這位葡萄酒大師花費了數十年的時間,來研究產區的特性和酒的風味。Zalto DENK’ART系列酒杯款的設計受到大自然的啟發,獨家研發出24 °、48 °和72 °的三個傾斜角度,因Zalto深信這是和地球自轉軸相互映的最佳角度,能使葡萄酒發揮最大的特性。每一款都用最好的原料,純手工玻璃吹製,輕薄典雅,兼具美觀和實用,更特別的是按照不同產區和葡萄酒來訂製專用的杯型,都不含氧化鉛而且抗腐蝕性,使用起來安心無虞且不會霧化。