Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Marselan 單一園馬瑟蘭 2020
Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Marselan 單一園馬瑟蘭 2020
Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Marselan 單一園馬瑟蘭 2020

Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Marselan 單一園馬瑟蘭 2020

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Xige Estate is located in the Pigeon Mountain area of the Helan Mountain wine region, situated in the heart of the Helan Mountains. Currently, Xige Estate owns 2,000 hectares of vineyards.

As a large-scale producer of high-quality wines, Xige Estate combines modern technology with a respect for nature, constantly exploring the potential and future of the Ningxia terroir.

Founded in 2017 by Zhang Yanzhi, Xige Estate is a young winery that is challenging and leading the development of a new era of Chinese fine wine. Zhang holds the French National Enology Diploma (DNO) and Bordeaux ISVV Winemaker Diploma, and his goal is to create wines that showcase "a pure expression of Helan Mountain terroir."

"Yu Ge" is a premium wine produced by Xige Estate using a single grape variety, Marselan. It is a high-end product that explores the diversity of grape varieties in Ningxia and is crafted in a single vineyard to showcase the terroir characteristics of the Pigeon Mountain sub-region, located at the eastern foothills of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia's major wine-producing area.

Marselan, in fact, is a shining star in the world of Chinese wines. It possesses the sweet and balanced characteristics of the East, with rich depth and captivating allure. "Like a rosy dawn, its flowing colors enchant the clear vessel." Every drop glides smoothly and gently. The label continues the tradition of Song Huizong's "Peach Dove Painting," exuding grandeur and sophistication with each bottle. Undoubtedly, it is the choice for enthusiasts of Chinese style and high quality.

Year: 2020
Grape Variety: Marselan
Alcohol Content: 14.0%vol
Volume: 750ml
Best Serving Temperature: 16-20°C
Decanting Time: 15-30 minutes

This wine has received the following award:
15th China Wine Awards - Asia Wine & Spirit Awards: Sommelier's Gold Medal

Wine Review:
This wine is crafted with carefully selected Marselan grapes from Xige Estate's own vineyards and aged in oak barrels for 12 months. It has a high concentration, with a smooth and velvety entry, tight and delicate tannins, and aromas of brown sugar, date cake, and dried fruits. It has a long-lasting finish.

西鴿酒莊位於賀蘭山葡萄酒產區的鴿子山地區,位於賀蘭山脈腹地的鴿子山小產區。 目前,西鴿酒莊擁有2000公頃的葡萄種植園。


西鴿酒莊成立於2017年,由張燕智創立,是一家年輕的酒莊,正在挑戰並引領中國優質葡萄酒的新時代。 張燕智持有法國國家葡萄酒學文憑(DNO)和波爾多ISVV葡萄酒師文憑,他的目標是製作展現"賀蘭山純粹風土特色"的葡萄酒。

"玉鴿"是由西鴿酒莊使用單一品種葡萄釀造的高端葡萄酒。 它是一款探索寧夏葡萄品種多樣性的高端產品,採用單一葡萄園的精釀方式,展現了位於寧夏主要葡萄酒產區賀蘭山東麓的鴿子山小產區的風土特徵。

迷你葡萄馬瑟蘭,其實中國葡萄酒中的閃閃明星。甘潤平衡的東方特質,濃郁深邃,迷人前先醉心。“琼液似丹霞 ,流晕染清樽。” 每一滴,都滑柔顺。酒標依舊延續宋徽宗《桃鳩圖》。每一瓶,都補出恢弘與考究。無疑是中式和高品位爱好者之選。

葡萄品種:馬瑟蘭 Marselan
容量 : 750ml
第十五届 中國葡萄酒大賞 亞洲葡萄酒與烈酒大賞 - 侍酒師金奬