Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay 單一園霞多麗 2021
Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay 單一園霞多麗 2021
Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay 單一園霞多麗 2021

Xige Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay 單一園霞多麗 2021

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Situated in the Dove Mountain Area, in the heart of the Helan Mountain Wine Region, Xige Estate currently owns a total of 2,000 hectares of planted vines.

As Fine Wine producer with scale, Xige's Philosophy is to combine Modern Technology with the Respect of Nature, to constantly explore the Potential and the Future of Ningxia Terroir.

Founded in 2017 by Zhang Yanzhi, Xige Estate is a young winery that is challenging & leading the development of a New Era of Chinese Fine Wine. Zhang is the holder of France National Enology Diploma (DNO) and Bordeaux ISVV Winemaker Diploma. He embrace one goal to heart: to make wines that show "A PURE EXPRESSION OF HELAN MOUNTAIN TERROIR".

Rating :
JS 91 points from JS Wine Ratings
"Marzipan and spicy tweaks from the wood with a subtle creaminess that is not yet fully integrated. Some ripe, spiced pineapples and lemon rind on the fruit side. Quite flavorful and round with a saline twist to the medium- to full-bodied palate. Medium levels of acidity allow it to maintain its freshness. Better in 2024." - Tasted on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 by James Suckling

RP 88 points from The Wine Advocate
"The 2021 Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay from Xige has a deep lemon appearance. On the nose, there is lifted, ripe stone fruit—peach, touch of apricot—and lemon peel with some new oak notes of clove, vanilla and toast (the 2021 vintage having seen 12 months in 20% new French Burgundy pièces with the remainder being matured in one-year-old barrels of the same size, i.e., 300 liters). On the palate, the wine is full-bodied with some lifting acidity—only 30% of the wine went through malolactic conversion—and a reasonable core of rich Chardonnay fruit is complemented by the hints of new oak. There’s also a creaminess of lees enhancing the texture. I’ve said in other reviews that there is a danger of looking at these warmer-climate Chardonnays through the monocular vision of cool-climate expressions. It’s better to think of these wines as akin to traditional California Chardonnay of the old school but with modern winemaking precision. While the 14.5% alcohol is a bit warming on the finish with a touch of phenolic character, this is nonetheless a well-made and compelling expression of Ningxia Chardonnay. With its relatively moderate length, the 2021 is drinking well now and may also improve marginally in bottle over the next 2-3 years." - Tasted on Jan 26, 2024 by Edward Ragg

Year: 2021
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Alcohol content: 14.5%vol
Capacity: 750ml
Optimal drinking temperature: 8-15℃
Sobering time: no need to sober up

This wine has received the following award:
2019 International Wine Guide GILBERT & GAILLARD Gold Medal, 94 points
2019 International Wine Challenge (IWC) CHINA Silver Medal
2019 "Belt and Road" International Wine Competition Silver Medal
German MUNDUS VINI 2020 Spring Competition Silver Medal

Wine Review: This wine is crafted with meticulous care, selecting 20-year-old vines of Chardonnay from the West Pigeon Vineyard. On the palate, it offers a refreshing and clean entry with balanced acidity. It exhibits aromas of sweet melon, grapefruit, and hints of creamy and toasty notes.

西鴿酒莊位於賀蘭山葡萄酒產區的鴿子山地區,位於賀蘭山脈腹地的鴿子山小產區。 目前,西鴿酒莊擁有2000公頃的葡萄種植園。


西鴿酒莊成立於2017年,由張燕智創立,是一家年輕的酒莊,正在挑戰並引領中國優質葡萄酒的新時代。 張燕智持有法國國家葡萄酒學文憑(DNO)和波爾多ISVV葡萄酒師文憑,他的目標是製作展現"賀蘭山純粹風土特色"的葡萄酒。

"玉鴿"是由西鴿酒莊使用單一品種葡萄釀造的高端葡萄酒。 它是一款探索寧夏葡萄品種多樣性的高端產品,採用單一葡萄園的精釀方式,展現了位於寧夏主要葡萄酒產區賀蘭山東麓的鴿子山小產區的風土特徵。

JS 91分
"杏仁和木香中帶有一點微妙的奶油質感,尚未完全融合。有一些成熟的香料菠蘿和柠檬皮香氣。口感相當富有層次,中到豐满,還帶有鹹味。中等酸度保持清新感。2024年後會更好。" - 2023年11月7日由James Suckling品鑑

RP 88分
"2021年Jade Dove單一園區霞多麗葡萄酒呈現深黃色。香氣中有清新的成熟石果香氣——桃子、一點杏子,還有柠檬皮和新橡木香氣,如丁香、香草和烘焙味。在口感上酒體豐满,酸度適中(只有30%進行了malo-lactic發酵),富有霞多麗葡萄的層次感,與新橡木香氣相得益彰。酒質還呈現出一些來自酒渣的華滑感。我在其他評論中提到過,我們不應該單一地用涼爽氣候的霞多麗葡萄酒來評判這種更溫暖地區的霞多麗。不如把它們當成是傳統加州風格但又有現代釀酒技術的霞多麗。雖然14.5%的酒精度在收尾時略顯溫暖,並帶有一點單寧,但這仍然是一款非常出色的寧夏霞多麗。這款2021年鑒於其相對中等的陳年潛力,現在就喝很不錯,未來2-3年也會稍有改善。" - 2024年1月26日由Edward Ragg品鑑

容量 : 750ml

- 2019國際葡萄酒指南GILBERT&GAILLARD金獎,94分
- 2019國際葡萄酒品評賽·中國IWC CHINA銀牌
- 2019「一帶一路」國際葡萄酒大賽銀牌
- 德國MUNDUS VINI 2020春季賽事銀牌

酒評:酒甄選西鴿酒莊20年老藤夏多內,匠心釀造而成。 入口清新爽淨,酸度平衡,有甜瓜、葡萄柚等香氣,同時伴隨奶油及烘烤氣息。