Vintec - Single Temperature Zone Wine Cabinet (40 Bottles) VWS050SBA-X

Vintec - Single Temperature Zone Wine Cabinet (40 Bottles) VWS050SBA-X

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Vintec is a renowned brand specializing in wine storage solutions. They offer a wide range of wine cabinets, cellars, and refrigerators designed to provide optimal conditions for wine preservation and aging. With innovative features like precise temperature control and UV protection, Vintec prioritizes creating an ideal environment for wines to mature and develop their flavors. Their functional and aesthetically pleasing products cater to wine enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals, ensuring that every bottle is stored in the best possible conditions. Vintec is committed to showcasing and protecting wine collections, making them a trusted choice in the industry.

Features :
  • Single Temperature Zone for aging purpose
  • Built-under Design
  • ECO Technology
  • Borderless Black Glass Door
  • Crystal white LED light
  • Easily Adjustable Wooden Shelves
  • Temperature Setting: Electronic
  • LED Display
  • Reversible Door Hinges
  • Capacity (bottles):40
  • Adjustable Temperature:6°C - 18°C
  • No. of Wooden Shelves: 5
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 820 x 595 x 562mm
  • Weight (kg): 44

- After purchase, please contact us to inform us about the door hinge position (left/right). If a left hinge is required, there may be a one-week working day delay for the modification.
- The capacity is based on Bordeaux-style 0.75-liter wine bottles and may vary depending on the number of shelves and the arrangement method.
- Please adjust the temperature control appropriately to ensure the wine bottles are stored and aged within the ideal temperature range.
- Ensure to follow the product's user manual and instructions during installation and use.
- Avoid exposing the wine cabinet to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight to prevent damage to the wine bottles and storage quality.
- Regularly clean and organize the wine cabinet to maintain optimal storage conditions and visibility of the wine bottles.
- For any questions or maintenance services, please contact our customer service department.



  • 單一溫度適宜陳釀美酒
  • 可作嵌入式擺放
  • 環保科技
  • 白光LED櫃燈
  • 易拆式木層架
  • 溫度控制: 電子按鍵式
  • LED顯
  • 可更改左/右門鉸
  • 容量(瓶): 40
  • 可調校溫度: 5°C - 18°C
  • 層架: 5
  • 體積(高 x 闊 x 深)毫米: 820 x 595 x 573
  • 重量(公斤): 44


    - 購買後需與我們聯絡,告知門鉸位置(左/右)。如果需要左門鉸,可能需要預留一個星期工作天進行更改。
    - 容量以波爾多種類的0.75公升酒瓶為準,實際容量可能會因層架數目和擺放方式而有所不同。
    - 請適當地調整溫度控制,以確保酒瓶在理想的溫度範圍內儲存和陳年。
    - 確保在安裝和使用時遵循產品的使用手冊和指示事項。
    - 請避免將酒櫃暴露在極端的溫度、濕度或陽光直射下,以避免對酒瓶和儲存品質造成損害。
    - 定期保持酒櫃的清潔和整理,以確保最佳的儲存條件和酒瓶的可視性。
    - 如有任何問題或需要維修服務,請聯絡我們的客戶服務部門。