Château Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien 侯爵園紅酒  2015  (1.5L)
Château Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien 侯爵園紅酒  2015  (1.5L)
Château Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien 侯爵園紅酒  2015  (1.5L)
Château Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien 侯爵園紅酒  2015  (1.5L)

Château Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien 侯爵園紅酒 2015 (1.5L)

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Le Clos du Marquis encompasses a terroir of great complexity. Primarily composed of Quaternary gravel on gravelly-sandy and gravelly-clayey subsoils, there are also more or less deep and compact clays, sometimes even surfacing. The proximity to the Gironde River is responsible for this great diversity of soils, created over geological periods by successive superpositions. Additionally, the river generates a very specific microclimate that allows for very early grape ripening and protects the vineyard from frost. This range of geological combinations influences the vine's development and the composition of the grapes.

Created in 1902, Clos du Marquis is a historic brand in the Médoc region. It originated from the "Petit Clos" adjacent to the Château de Léoville, the residence of the Marquis de Las Cases. Clos du Marquis comes from the best terroirs in the Saint-Julien appellation that were not part of the former Léoville estate. These terroirs, physically separated from those of Las Cases, are located slightly further west and are surrounded by prestigious Second Growths. Clos du Marquis perfectly expresses the typical characteristics of great Saint-Julien wines: structure, complexity, harmony, balance, distinction, and aging potential. Therefore, Château Léoville Las Cases comprises two properties with distinct terroir characteristics and consequently produces two first wines with different tastes, despite an evident lineage.

Rating: Rating: 93 points from Robert Parker
" A blend of 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot and 3% Cabernet Franc, the medium to deep garnet-purple colored 2015 Clos du Marquis gives up expressive notes of warm mulberries, kirsch and blackberry pie with touches of sandalwood, potpourri, anise and charcuterie. The palate is medium to full-bodied with a great core of rich, spicy fruit framed by plush tannins and finishing with an invigorating lift." - Reviewed by Lisa Perrotti-Brown
Drink Date: 2019 - 2033

Region/ Country : Saint-Julien (Bordeaux), France
Grape Varieties : 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc
Alcohol : 13.8%

Clos du Marquis擁有極其複雜的風土。主要由第四紀的礫石組成,底層則是礫石砂質和礫石黏土質土壤,還有或深或淺、較緊密的黏土,有時甚至會露出地表。與吉倫德河的接近造就了這些多樣性的土壤,這些土壤是在地質時期經過連續的覆蓋而形成的。此外,這條河流還產生了一個非常特殊的微氣候,使葡萄能夠非常早熟,並保護葡萄園免受霜凍的侵害。這種地質組合的範圍影響葡萄藤的發育和葡萄的成分。

Clos du Marquis成立於1902年,是梅多克地區的一個具有歷史意義的品牌。它源於與Léoville城堡相鄰的“Petit Clos”,該城堡是拉斯凱斯侯爵的住所。Clos du Marquis來自聖朱利安(Saint-Julien)產區中最好的風土,這些風土並不屬於以前的Léoville莊園。這些風土與拉斯凱斯的風土有所區別,略微向西方移動,被聞名的二級莊園所包圍。Clos du Marquis完美地展現了偉大的聖朱利安葡萄酒的典型特徵:結構、複雜性、和諧、平衡、卓越和陳年潛力。因此,Léoville Las Cases莊園擁有兩個具有不同風土特徵的產業,因此產生了兩款味道不同的頂級葡萄酒,儘管它們具有明顯的血統。

評分:羅伯特·帕克(Robert Parker)評分為93分
“這款2015年的Clos du Marquis以66%的赤霞珠,31%的梅洛和3%的品麗珠混釀而成,中等到深色的紅寶石色。它散發出溫暖的桑莓、櫻桃酒和黑莓派的香氣,還帶有檀香木、花束、茴香和熟肉的味道。口感中等到飽滿,富有豐富的辛辣水果核心,柔軟的單寧,並以令人振奮的提神感結束。”- Lisa Perrotti-Brown評論