Torbreck The Steading 2019 托布雷小農莊乾紅酒 2019
Torbreck The Steading 2019 托布雷小農莊乾紅酒 2019
Torbreck The Steading 2019 托布雷小農莊乾紅酒 2019

Torbreck The Steading 2019 托布雷小農莊乾紅酒 2019

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Torbreck is a renowned winery in Australia's Barossa Valley. Established in 1994, it produces high-quality wines that showcase the region's unique terroir. Founder David Powell is a passionate winemaker who focuses on traditional Barossa Valley grape varieties like Shiraz, Grenache, and Mourvèdre. Torbreck wines are known for their full-bodied, rich style, with ripe fruit, spices, and mineral notes. Crafted with care and aged to perfection, they offer complexity, elegance, and great aging potential. Torbreck has received international acclaim as one of Australia's top wineries, beloved by experts and enthusiasts alike.

Torbreck The Steading is a highly regarded wine produced by Torbreck Vintners, an esteemed winery located in Australia's Barossa Valley. The Steading is a blend of traditional Rhône grape varietals, including Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro (Mourvèdre). This wine reflects the winery's commitment to crafting exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir of the region. The Steading is known for its full-bodied and complex character, with flavors of ripe dark fruits, spices, and hints of earthiness. It offers a harmonious balance of fruit, tannins, and acidity, making it a favorite among wine enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed in its youth or with some aging, Torbreck The Steading is a testament to the winery's dedication to producing top-quality wines.

Torbreck The Steading 2019 is a well-known wine produced by Torbreck Vintners. This wine is a blend of traditional Rhône grape varieties from Australia's Barossa Valley, including Grenache, Shiraz, and Mourvèdre. The 2019 vintage of The Steading showcases the rich flavors and complexity unique to the Barossa Valley. It presents a luscious taste of ripe black fruits, complemented by notes of spices and subtle earthiness. The wine has a full-bodied yet balanced profile, with smooth tannins and refreshing acidity. The Steading 2019 is a delightful wine that can be enjoyed now or aged further, exhibiting its elegance and enduring flavors.

The growing season was defined by a continuously warm to hot summer with no effective rainfall, wind and hail at flowering, and followed with three major frosts - resulting in an earlier and much smaller harvest than average. These tough conditions produced smaller clusters of intensely dark berries with thick fleshy skins contrasted against brown mature stalks. Whilst yields were down, once these vineyards were fermenting in our cellar the concentration of colour, tannin and aroma of the 2019 vintage was revealed

93 points from JS Wine Ratings : 
A blend of 53% grenache, 28% shiraz and 19% mataro. Each component has been elevaged in large-format oak (4,500 liters) and this is the wine that reflects the vintage style and quality. It shows the all-round consistency of 2018 with bright red and blue berries, some red pastry notes and deeper, earthy, slightly tarry notes, too. The palate has a rich, supple and fleshy texture with ripe red-plum and raspberry fruit flavors, as well as soft, late-picked tannins. Drink over the next eight years. Tasted on Sep 11, 2020 by James Suckling

92 points from The Wine Advocate :
The newest release, the 2019 The Steading, offers restrained aromatics of mixed berries and cherries interlaced with hints of savory herbs. If it lacks the ripeness and richness of the 2018, it's more elegant and perhaps more complex, with those herbal striations adding silky textural elements to the medium to full-bodied palate. Gentle tannins linger on the finish.” Tasted on Jun 30. 2021 by Joe Czerwinski

Country / Region : Barossa Valley / Australia
Grape Varieties : Grenache / Shiraz / Mataro
Alcohol : 15.00%
Volume: 75 cl

Torbreck是澳大利亞巴羅莎谷一家著名的酒莊。成立於1994年,該酒莊生產高品質的葡萄酒,展示了該地區獨特的風土特色。創始人David Powell是一位熱情的釀酒師,專注於種植傳統的巴羅莎谷葡萄品種,如希拉茲、格納殊和馬塔羅。Torbreck葡萄酒以其醇厚豐滿的風格而聞名,具有成熟水果、香料和礦物質的香氣。這些葡萄酒精心釀造並經過完美的陳年,呈現出複雜性、優雅和出色的陳年潛力。Torbreck被譽為澳大利亞頂級酒莊之一,深受專家和愛好者的喜愛。

Torbreck The Steading是由Torbreck Vintners生產的一款備受推崇的葡萄酒。The Steading是以傳統的隆河葡萄品種混釀而成,包括格納殊、希拉茲和馬塔羅。這款葡萄酒展示了酒莊對展示該地區獨特風土的卓越葡萄酒的承諾。The Steading以其醇厚而複雜的特性而聞名,味道濃郁,帶有成熟的黑色水果、香料和微妙的土壤氣息。它提供了水果、單寧和酸度的和諧平衡,深受葡萄酒愛好者的喜愛。無論是年輕品嚐還是陳年,Torbreck The Steading都是酒莊生產頂級優質葡萄酒的明證。

Torbreck The Steading 2019是Torbreck Vintners生產的一款著名葡萄酒。這款葡萄酒是以澳大利亞巴羅莎谷的傳統隆河葡萄品種混釀而成,包括格納殊、希拉茲和馬塔羅。2019年份的The Steading展現了巴羅莎谷特有的豐富風味和複雜性。它呈現出成熟黑色水果的濃郁味道,融合了香料和微妙的土壤特徵。酒體飽滿而平衡,單寧柔和,酸度清新。The Steading 2019是一款令人愉悅的葡萄酒,無論是現在品嚐還是陳年,都能展現出其優雅和持久的風味。


JS葡萄酒評分給予The Steading 93分:

《The Wine Advocate》給予The Steading 2019 92分:
"這款最新釋出的2019年份的The Steading散發出混合莓果和櫻桃的香氣,夾雜著一絲香草味。雖然它缺乏2018年份的成熟度和豐富度,但它更加優雅,也許更加複雜,那些香草紋理為中等至飽滿的口感增添了絲滑的元素。溫和的單寧在收結時持久綿長。" 由Joe Czerwinski於2021年6月30日評鑑。