Chateau Raymond Lafon 2011 (half bottle) 雷蒙拉芳酒莊甜白酒 2011 (半瓶裝)
Chateau Raymond Lafon 2011 (half bottle) 雷蒙拉芳酒莊甜白酒 2011 (半瓶裝)
Chateau Raymond Lafon 2011 (half bottle) 雷蒙拉芳酒莊甜白酒 2011 (半瓶裝)

Chateau Raymond Lafon 2011 (half bottle) 雷蒙拉芳酒莊甜白酒 2011 (半瓶裝)

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Château Raymond-Lafon is a renowned winery located in the Sauternes region of Bordeaux, France. Known for producing exceptional sweet wines, it has a history dating back to the 1850s and holds the prestigious classification of a Premier Cru estate. The vineyard spans 16 hectares and is primarily planted with Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which benefit from the unique climate conditions conducive to the development of noble rot. Château Raymond-Lafon's sweet wines are characterized by their richness, complex flavors, and balanced acidity. They exude aromas of ripe fruits like peaches, apricots, and pineapples, accompanied by notes of honey, vanilla, and roasted almonds. Highly regarded for their quality, these wines often require extended aging to unlock further depth and complexity.

Château Raymond-Lafon 2011 is a vintage from the renowned Sauternes region in Bordeaux, France. This sweet wine is produced by the esteemed Château Raymond-Lafon estate, known for its exceptional quality. The 2011 vintage is characterized by its golden color and offers a rich and complex tasting experience. It showcases aromas of ripe tropical fruits, such as apricot, pineapple, and mango, along with hints of honey, vanilla, and spice. On the palate, it is full-bodied, with a luscious sweetness balanced by a refreshing acidity. The Château Raymond-Lafon 2011 is a wine that can be enjoyed now or cellared for further development. It pairs well with a variety of desserts and can also be enjoyed on its own as a delightful after-dinner treat.

Rating :
RP 90+ points from The Wine Advocate
"Tasted blind at the Sauternes 2011 horizontal tasting. The Château Raymond-Lafon 2011 is very backward on the nose with muted scents of wax resin, undergrowth, dried honey and a slight petrol note that lends it a Germanic personality. The palate is viscous on the entry with thickly layered honeyed fruit. It does not quite have the panache of sophistication of its peers and it feels just a little earnest on the finish, but I suspect that bottle age will bestow great complexity." - Tasted on Feb 28, 2015 by Neal Martin

Winery : Chateau Raymond Lafon
Region : Sauternes / Bordeaux / France
Grape Variet : Sémillon
Ageing in oak barrels : 1 months
Alcohol : 12.5%
volume : 375 ml (half bottle)

Château Raymond-Lafon是位於法國波爾多索爾東地區的著名酒莊。以生產出色的甜酒而聞名,其歷史可追溯到19世紀50年代,並擁有一流酒莊的傑出地位。該葡萄園佔地16公頃,主要種植塞米翁(Sémillon)和長相思白葡萄(Sauvignon Blanc),這些葡萄受益於有利於貴腐霉菌生長的獨特氣候條件。Château Raymond-Lafon的甜酒以其豐富的口感、複雜的風味和平衡的酸度而著稱。它們散發著桃子、杏子和菠蘿等成熟水果的香氣,並帶有蜜糖、香草和烤杏仁的味道。這些酒因其優質而受到高度評價,通常需要長時間的陳年才能展現更深層次和複雜性。

Château Raymond-Lafon 2011是法國波爾多索爾東地區的一款年份酒。這款甜酒由享譽盛名的Château Raymond-Lafon酒莊生產,以其卓越品質而聞名。2011年份的特點是金黃色,味道豐富而複雜。它展示了成熟熱帶水果(如杏子、菠蘿和芒果)的香氣,並帶有蜜糖、香草和香料的微妙氣息。口感飽滿,甜度和清新的酸度相得益彰。Château Raymond-Lafon 2011是一款現在就可以享用,或者陳年以獲得更多發展的葡萄酒。它與各種甜點搭配得很好,也可以單獨享用作為美味的晚餐後甜點。

來自《The Wine Advocate》的RP 90+分
"在2011年索爾東盲品試飲中進行品評。Château Raymond-Lafon 2011年份在香氣方面非常保守,散發著蠟樹脂、林下、乾蜜糖和輕微的汽油味,帶有德國風格的個性。入口時,口感黏稠,蜜糖水果層次豐富。它不像同等級葡萄酒那樣華麗高雅,收結時有點過於認真,但我相信陳年後會帶來更複雜的風味。" - Neal Martin於2015年2月28日品評

酒莊: Chateau Raymond Lafon
產區: 索爾東 / 波爾多 / 法國
葡萄品種: 塞米翁(Sémillon)
在橡木桶中陳年: 1個月
酒精度: 12.5%