Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve
Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve
Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve

Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve

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Casablanca Valley wines are celebrated for their cool climate influence, producing crisp and vibrant white wines and elegant Pinot Noir.  Located in Chile, this valley benefits from the cooling breezes of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, creating ideal conditions for grape cultivation.  

The wines from Casablanca Valley are known for their bright acidity, pronounced fruit flavors, and minerality. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc thrive in this region, showcasing lively citrus notes and refreshing characteristics.  

Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve is a premium Chilean red wine known for its elegance and complexity. The Gran Reserve designation signifies a higher quality level, with enhanced depth and structure.  Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve is praised for its velvety texture, fine tannins, and long, smooth finish.   

Rating :
JS 91 points from JS Wine Ratings
" Aromas of blackberries, ripe blueberries, nuts and oak. Medium-to full-bodied with polished tannins. Round, rich and creamy with a dusty note. Generous oak spice on the finish. Drink in the next five years." - Tasted on Thursday, June 3, 2021

Year: 2018
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Alcohol content: 14.5%vol
Capacity: 750ml
Optimal drinking temperature: 13-16℃

This wine has received the following award:
2020 Decanter World Wine Best Show award

Wine Review: Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve showcases vibrant red fruit flavors such as cherry and raspberry, with hints of spice and earthiness.  This wine is well-balanced with silky tannins and a long, satisfying finish.  It is aged in French oak barrels, adding layers of depth and richness to the wine.



Casas Del Bosque Pinot Noir Gran Reserve是一款優質的智利紅葡萄酒,以其優雅和複雜而聞名。特級保護區的稱號意味着更高的質量水平,加強了深度和結構。Casas Del Bosque特級黑比諾因其天鵝絨般的質地、細膩的單寧和悠長、順滑的回味而受到稱讚。

JS 91分

容量 : 750ml

- 2020年 Decanter 世界葡萄酒 最佳展示獎

酒評:Casas Del Bosque特級珍藏黑皮諾展示了充滿活力的紅色水果口味,如櫻桃和覆盆子,並帶有一絲香料和泥土的味道。此酒口感平衡,單寧柔滑,回味悠長,令人滿意。在法國橡木桶中陳釀,增加了葡萄酒層次的深度和豐富度。