Cantemerle 佳得美酒莊紅葡萄酒 2016
Cantemerle 佳得美酒莊紅葡萄酒 2016
Cantemerle 佳得美酒莊紅葡萄酒 2016

Cantemerle 佳得美酒莊紅葡萄酒 2016

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Château Cantemerle, a 5th Classified Growth of 1855 from the Haut-Médoc region, is made from vineyards spanning 91 hectares. Located in the southern part of the Bordeaux Medoc peninsula near the villages of Macau & Ludon, Chateau Cantemerle, designated a great growth in the famous 1855 classification, has deep gravel soil. Thanks to its unique terroir, Cantemerle produces complex, well-balanced, and refined wines. After belonging to the Villeneuve (1579-1892) and Dubos (1892-1980)families, the chateau was acquired in 1981 by Groupe SMA, a large medical insurance company in the construction and civil engineering sector. The estate's long history is reflected in the chateau's distinctive architecture and the magnificent grounds that surround it. 

Situated on the deep gravel of the Macau and Ludon communes. Cantemerle's vineyard covers 91 hectares; the varied character of the land produces wines that are complex, balanced and refined, a true reflection of its exceptional terroir. Covers 98 ha and 95 ha in production. Grape varieties include 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Merlot,5% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot. Over the years, the vine's root system searches deeper in the soil for its nutrients and consequently acquires more of the typicity of the terroir in which it is planted. Fruit production also tends to dwindle, providing greater concentration of the grape's noble compounds.

  • Region/ Country:  Haut Medoc, Bordeaux, France
  • Grape: 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 39% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 4% Petit Verdot
  • Alcohol content: 13%

Swirling this wine in the glass brings forth a very complex bouquet, the hallmark of a great wine. In the mouth, the first impression is both powerful and elegant, with rich flavors covering the palate. All the usual aromas of this wine—tobacco, black currant, cloves and a woodiness typical of ripe Cabernet—are present in a subtle register which will become more prominent with time. The tannins are very supple, lingering elegantly on the finish. At this stage of its development the wine is characterized by a delicate charm. This promising wine offers a typical illustration of the Cantemerle terroir. Very classic, it calls for some time in a decanter before serving. A further two or three years in the cellar can bring out its lovely personality, but it will continue to improve for an even longer time thanks to the nature of the great 2016 vintage.

92 points from Vinous - Antonio Galloni:
"The 2016 Cantemerle has developed beautifully with elevage. Pliant, silky and exceptionally balanced, the 2016 has the pedigree and complexity to allow for a number of years of very fine drinking. Moreover, the 2016 delivers serious flavor intensity without being at all heavy. Smoke, iron and cedar add character to a Haut-Médoc that has a lot to offer." - By Antonio Galloni on December 2018

91 points from Vinous - Neal Martin:
"The 2016 Cantemerle has a comparatively opulent bouquet of black cherries, boysenberry and light violet scents, touches of cedar and sous-bois emerging with time. The palate is medium-bodied with grainy tannins. There is a touch of greenness here, although it does come across harmonious and there is a pleasing spiciness toward the finish. Fine. Tasted blind at the Southwold tasting." - By Neal Martin on January 2020

佳得美酒莊 (Château Cantemerle) 是 1855 年產自上梅多克 (Haut-Médoc) 地區的第五級酒莊,由佔地 91 公頃的葡萄園釀製而成。位於波爾多梅多克半島南部,靠近澳門村和盧東村,擁有深厚的礫石土,在著名的 1855 年分級中被指定為優質酒莊。得益於其獨特的風土條件,坎特梅爾出產複雜、平衡且精緻的葡萄酒。該城堡曾屬於 Villeneuve (1579-1892) 和 Dubos (1892-1980) 家族,並於 1981 年被建築和土木工程領域的大型醫療保險公司 Groupe SMA 收購。莊園的悠久歷史體現在城堡獨特的建築和周圍宏偉的場地上。

位於澳門和盧東公社的深層礫石上。 Cantemerle 的葡萄園佔地 91 公頃;這片土地的不同特徵孕育出複雜、平衡和精緻的葡萄酒,真實反映了其獨特的風土條件。生產面積98公頃和95公頃。葡萄品種包括 68% 赤霞珠、22% 梅洛、5% 品麗珠和 5% 小維多。多年來,葡萄樹的根系在土壤深處尋找養分,從而獲得了更多其種植風土的典型特徵。水果產量也趨於減少,從而提供了更高濃度的葡萄貴重化合物。

Cantemerle 2016 ,在玻璃杯中旋轉這款酒會產生非常複雜的酒香,這是優質葡萄酒的標誌。入口即化,第一印象既強烈又優雅,口感豐富。這款酒的所有常見香氣——煙草、黑醋栗、丁香和成熟赤霞珠典型的木質香氣——都以微妙的方式呈現,隨著時間的推移,這種香氣將變得更加突出。單寧非常柔順,餘韻優雅。在其發展的這個階段,該酒的特點是精緻的魅力。這款前景光明的葡萄酒是坎特梅爾風土的典型代表。非常經典,在飲用前需要在醒酒器中放置一段時間。再在地窖中存放兩三年可以展現其可愛的個性,但由於 2016 年出色年份的性質,它將在更長時間內繼續改進。