Caillou Blanc de Talbot 2018
Caillou Blanc de Talbot 2018
Caillou Blanc de Talbot 2018
Caillou Blanc de Talbot 2018

Caillou Blanc de Talbot 2019 大寶城堡白石白酒

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From the plateau of Saint-Julien, one can spot Château Talbot in the distance in the midst of an ocean of vines, parks and tall trees.The estate has a rich history. Its name originates with Connétable Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, governor of Guyenne as well as being a famous English military commander, who was defeated at the battle of Castillon in 1453. In 1855, at the time of the Médoc and Graves growth classifications ordered by Emperor Napoleon III, Château Talbot was promoted as a fourth classified growth of Saint-Julien. For several decades it belonged to the Marquis of Aux and was purchased in 1918 by Désiré Cordier.

The totality of the 110 hectares of the Château Talbot vineyard surrounds the estate house and stretches north, all the way to the border with the Pauillac appellation. Planted on a terroir of fine Gunzian gravels with a core of fossil-rich limestone, which form draining hilltops, one finds a large majority of red vines (105 hectares) and a small acreage of whites (5 hectares).The impeccable management of the vineyard is one of the most irreproachable in the Medoc. The wines, supervised by Nancy Bignon-Cordier, with the valuable advice of enologist Eric Boissenot and consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt, are consistently rich while remaining extremely elegant. The smooth taste and their silky tannins make it possible to drink them young as well as after prolonged aging. With time they develop a delicate, complex aromatic bouquet with tones of cedar and Havana tobacco.

Tasting Note: The 2018 Caillou Blanc de Talbot comes bounding out of the glass with bold, tropical scents of fresh pineapples and passion fruit plus hints of lemongrass and ginger. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is ripe and seductive with just enough freshness and a long, tropical finish.

Rating: 89-91 Points by Robert Parker

Chateau Talbot的名字來源於15世紀中期時的一位英國陸軍統帥 -- 約翰·太保(John Talbot)。當時正值英法百年戰爭(Hundred Years’ War)時期,太保將軍是Guyenne地區的總督,在1453年的卡斯蒂永戰役(Battle of Castillon)中,法軍戰勝並擊斃了太保將軍,波爾多這片土地終於得以重回法國的懷抱。據說,太保將軍的大本營曾在Talbot城堡所在的土地上,於是酒莊便以他的姓氏命名,同時酒莊出產的葡萄酒也因這段歷史被人們視為寓意勝利的喜慶之酒。在著名的葡萄酒漫畫《神之水滴》(Drops of God)中,Chateau Talbot紅葡萄酒(Chateau Talbot, Saint-Julien, France)也曾被主人公的父親用來當作預祝兒子比賽勝利的慶賀之酒。
19世紀早期,Chateau Talbot的葡萄酒開始得到人們的普遍好評。這個時候,Chateau Talbot由Marquis d’Aux家族管理。之後,歷經兩度轉手,於1918年被Desire Cordier收購。在Desire Cordier的兒子Georges Cordier和孫子Jean Cordier的細心經營下,Chateau Talbot的名氣達到頂峰,成為波爾多最著名的酒莊之一。

這款波爾多白酒出自著名列級莊Chateau Talbot,也是Medoc區第一個生產白葡萄酒的酒莊,其實此白酒的真正的地理產區是在Saint-Julien,是波爾多最有名品質最高的紅酒產區之一。但因為制度的問題,其白酒不能使用Saint-Julien作為地區稱號,只能用Bordeaux這最普通的產區名字。現在Chateau Talbot有著非常高的品質,其評價經常超過了當初1855年所評定的四級名莊水準。事實上,在Chateau Talbot旁邊的Chateau Gruaud-Larose(二級酒莊)也被Cordier家族收至麾下,兩個酒莊處於一種良性競爭,所以世人可以預見其日益增進的品質。