Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊紅酒 2016 6L
Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊紅酒 2016 6L
Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊紅酒 2016 6L

Branaire Ducru 班尼杜克酒莊紅酒 2016 6L

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Château Branaire-Ducru is a renowned winery located in the Saint-Julien appellation of Bordeaux, France. With a history dating back centuries, the estate is known for producing high-quality Bordeaux red wines. Their wines are crafted using grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. Château Branaire-Ducru wines are characterized by rich flavors, structured tannins, and balanced acidity. The estate enjoys recognition from wine enthusiasts and critics alike for its classic Bordeaux style and exceptional quality.

Château Branaire-Ducru 2016 is a red wine from the Bordeaux region of France. Produced by the renowned Château Branaire-Ducru winery, it is known for its exceptional quality. This vintage offers a complex and rich flavor profile, with notes of black fruits, spices, and oak. It has a well-structured palate, with refined tannins and balanced acidity. With its aging potential, Château Branaire-Ducru 2016 can further develop in complexity and elegance over time.

Ratings :
JS 95 points from JS Wine Rating
"The best vintage of this wine since 2009! Effusive, fresh redcurrant and cassis aromas give this St.-Julien terrific drive and energy, the elegant, dry tannins beautifully married to the medium body, right through the long, agile finish." Tasted on February 3, 2019 by James Suckling

RP 94+ points from The Wine Advocate
"The 2016 Branaire-Ducru is a real classic, and in the fullness of time, it will likely rival or even surpass the more charming, demonstrative 2019. Unwinding in the glass with deep aromas of dark berries, cassis, loamy soil, pencil shavings and cigar smoke, it's medium to full-bodied, layered and concentrated, with a taut, structured profile and a long, penetrating finish. The only missing ingredient here is time." - Tasted on Aug 11, 2022 by William Kelley

Winery: Château Branaire-Ducru
Region: Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France
Grape Varieties: Primarily Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot
Format: 6000ml (6-liter bottle, also known as a Methuselah)

Château Branaire-Ducru是位於法國波爾多聖朱利安產區的知名酒莊。擁有數百年的歷史,這個莊園以生產高品質的波爾多紅葡萄酒而聞名。他們使用赤霞珠、梅洛、品麗珠和小維多等葡萄品種釀造葡萄酒。Château Branaire-Ducru的葡萄酒以豐富的風味、結構良好的單寧和平衡的酸度為特點。這個酒莊因其經典的波爾多風格和卓越的品質而受到葡萄酒愛好者和評論家的認可。

Château Branaire-Ducru 2016是法國波爾多地區的一款紅葡萄酒。由著名的Château Branaire-Ducru酒莊生產,以其卓越的品質而聞名。這個年份的酒款呈現出複雜而豐富的風味,帶有黑色水果、香料和橡木的味道。它具有良好的結構,單寧細膩,酸度平衡。Château Branaire-Ducru 2016具有陳年潛力,隨著時間的推移,能夠在複雜性和優雅度上進一步發展。

自2009年以來,這款酒是最佳年份!熱情洋溢的紅醋栗和黑醋栗香氣賦予這款聖朱利安區的酒極佳的推動力和活力,優雅的乾性單寧與中等酒體完美結合,一直延伸到長而靈活的收結。」- 評論家James Suckling於2019年2月3日評鑒。

2016年的Branaire-Ducru是一款真正的經典酒款,在時間的洗禮下,它可能會超越甚至超越更具魅力和示範性的2019年份。在玻璃杯中散發著深層的黑莓、黑醋栗、泥土、鉛筆屑和雪茄煙的香氣,這款酒中等至飽滿的酒體,層次豐富且濃縮,帶有緊緻、結構性的特點和長而深入的收結。唯一缺少的成分就是時間。」- 評論家William Kelley於2022年8月11日評鑒。

酒莊:Château Branaire-Ducru(布拉奈爾-杜克魯酒莊)
葡萄品種:主要包括赤霞珠(Cabernet Sauvignon)、梅洛(Merlot)、品麗珠(Cabernet Franc)和小維多(Petit Verdot)