Bouchard Macon Villages 2016
Bouchard Macon Villages 2016

Bouchard Macon Villages 2016

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Bouchard Père & Fils, a respected winery, has a history dating back to 1731. Situated in Beaune, Burgundy, France, it was founded by Michel Bouchard and expanded by his son, Joseph Bouchard. With over 130 hectares of vineyards, including premier and grand cru sites, the winery showcases its commitment to traditional winemaking techniques blended with modern practices. Bouchard Père & Fils sources grapes from their own vineyards and trusted growers, ensuring the production of exceptional wines. Their legacy of craftsmanship and dedication to quality has solidified their reputation as a prominent producer in Burgundy.

Bouchard Macon Villages 2016 is a delightful wine from the Macon Villages appellation in Burgundy, France. Produced by the esteemed Bouchard Père & Fils winery, it truly captures the essence of the region.It is recommended to enjoy this wine in its youth to fully appreciate its vibrant and lively character. Whether as an aperitif or paired with seafood, poultry, or light salads, Bouchard Macon Villages 2016 embodies the true terroir of Burgundy and showcases the craftsmanship of Bouchard Père & Fils. It is a delightful choice that will surely enhance any dining experience.

Tasting notes :
Color: pale golden color
Nose: fresh citrus fruits, and a touch of minerality
Taste: a crisp and refreshing experience. Ripe apples, pears, and a subtle tropical fruit undertone create a harmonious flavor profile. The well-balanced acidity adds a lively zing
Finish: clean and lingering

Winery: Bouchard Père & Fils
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Region: France / Burgundy / Macon / Mâcon-Villages
Alcohol: 12.5%
Volume: 700ml

Bouchard Père & Fils,一家備受尊敬的酒莊,其歷史可追溯至1731年。位於法國勃根地的波恰爾市,由米歇爾·布夏(Michel Bouchard)創立,並由他的兒子約瑟夫·布夏(Joseph Bouchard)拓展壯大。擁有130多公頃的葡萄園,包括一流和特級園地,該酒莊展示了其對傳統釀酒工藝與現代實踐的承諾。布夏爾·佩爾·菲爾酒莊從自家葡萄園和值得信賴的種植者採購葡萄,確保生產出卓越的葡萄酒。他們的工藝傳統和對品質的執著奠定了他們在勃根地的卓越聲譽。

Bouchard Macon Villages 2016是來自勃根地瑪孔村(Macon Villages)的美妙葡萄酒。由備受推崇的布夏爾·佩爾·菲爾酒莊生產,它真實地捕捉到了這個地區的特色。建議在酒年輕時享用,以充分體驗其充滿活力和活潑的特質。無論是作為開胃酒還是搭配海鮮、家禽或清淡沙拉,Bouchard Macon Villages 2016都體現了勃艮第地區真正的風土特色,並展示了布夏爾·佩爾·菲爾酒莊的工藝。它是一個令人愉悅的選擇,必將提升任何用餐體驗。


酒莊:Bouchard Père & Fils
產區:法國 / 勃根地 / 馬孔內 / 瑪貢(Mâcon)/ 瑪貢村(Mâcon-Villages)