Barons de Rothschild Rose 羅斯柴爾德桃紅香檳 NV
Barons de Rothschild Rose 羅斯柴爾德桃紅香檳 NV
Barons de Rothschild Rose 羅斯柴爾德桃紅香檳 NV
Barons de Rothschild Rose 羅斯柴爾德桃紅香檳 NV
domaines barons de rothschild
domaines barons de rothschild

Barons de Rothschild Rose 羅斯柴爾德桃紅香檳 NV

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Each Barons de Rothschild champagne has the exceptional characteristics of a great champagne. Barons de Rothschild Rosé shows assertive finesse in a blend of Champagne’s greatest Chardonnays and its top Pinot Noir, vinified as a red wine after at least three years of cellar aging.
The high proportion of Chardonnay makes this exceptional rosé fine and vivacious, while Pinot Noir makes it delicately, harmoniously complex, a
delight to the senses. Its brilliance, its pale pink reflections, its citrus and berry aromas will win over the most demanding connoisseurs.
This wine’s extremely low dosage and its long aging after disgorgement (6 to 9 months) give it the maturity Chardonnay and Pinot Noir need to develop their authenticity and purity, appropriate for any occasion.

The art of blending is showcased in this Rosé cuvée, which highlights the maison Barons de Rothschild style elegantly and with finesse. It features a high concentration of Chardonnay and the magic of Pinot Noir, vinified as a red wine. The harmony of the fruit and the lightness of this champagne bear a complexity that the most experienced palates are sure to appreciate. This pure, delicate Rosé Champagne distinctively embodies the de Rothschild family’s winemaking values: perfection, constancy, and a spirit of excellence and refinement, all given the utmost of care.

The Rosé is the result of a virtuoso blend of over 85% Chardonnay from the main Côte des Blancs crus (Avize, cramant, mesnil- sur-oger, Vertus, etc.) and the great Pinots noirs of the montagne de Reims, including a small percentage (5 to 6%) vinified as a red wine.
The blend contains 40% reserve wine, emblematic of the maison Barons de Rothschild’s exceptional savoir-faire since each year it recreates a consistent blend. 

Appearance: This Rosé’s fine thread of bubbles ends in a thin, enduring foam, and its light colour offers a slight shimmer of salmon pink.
Aroma: It features fine, subtle aromas, reminiscent of spring, alongside the fragrance of rose petal, wild strawberry, and a hint of citrus zest.
Palate: The first taste is fresh and precise, melting into the palate like silk, with slight raspberry undertones. This wine is long, balanced, and full of delicious body.

Wine And Food pairing:
Barons de Rothschild Rosé champagne is ideal as an apéritif, or as an accompaniment to feats of culinary daring. It pairs extremely well with sushi, sashimi, or red tuna tartare. Then serve it with truffled veal or lightly-cooked lamb with a cranberry sauce. Then for dessert, a red berry soup or fresh strawberries will bring out this champagne’s tasty aromas.



這款玫瑰香檳的混釀藝術展現了maison Barons de Rothschild的優雅和精緻風格。它具有高濃度的霞多麗和黑皮諾紅酒的魔力。果實的和諧與香檳的輕盈形成了複雜性,使得即使是最有經驗的口感也會欣賞。這款純淨、精緻的玫瑰香檳獨特地體現了羅斯柴爾德家族釀酒價值觀:完美、恆久、卓越和精緻的精神,所有這些都得到了最大的關注。

這款玫瑰香檳是85%以上來自主要的Côte des Blancs葡萄園(Avize、cramant、mesnil-sur-oger、Vertus等)的霞多麗和來自montagne de Reims的頂級黑皮諾的巧妙混釀,其中有5%至6%是紅酒釀製而成。這種混釀包含40%的陳年酒,象徵著maison Barons de Rothschild卓越的酒莊技藝,因為每年都要重新創造一種一致的混釀。