B de Boërl & Kroff 2005 with Original Wooden Case
B de Boërl & Kroff 2005 with Original Wooden Case

B de Boërl & Kroff 2005 with Original Wooden Case

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♥ Story 

Since 1997, the vintages that do not fit into the criteria and standards of the great vintage make up a wine called “B de Boërl & Kroff”. All Boërl & Kroff cuvees are produced following traditional vinification methods. The same care has been taken to produce the B, always « vintage » and of rare quality. Boërl & Kroff wanted “B” to have its own elegant personality, but at the same time the length and depth that is of the signature of Boërl & Kroff vintages. Produced entirely of Pinot Noir, “B” is rich and structured yet perfectly balanced. After the 1997 vintages, 2000, 2002 and 2003 all exhausted, the 2004 is the last to discover among these exceptional vintages.


♥ Vinification 

The juice comes exclusively from the first press. The base rape has flowed naturally thanks to gravity, with no pumping. Boërl & Kroff specially value this technique for the elaboration of Boërl & Kroff Champagnes. It allows to use very low quantities of sulfites (three times under standard vinification). This very «natural» vinification and the rare quality oak casks we use for part of the wines gives to our pinots a very beautiful copper-coloured aspect, close to last century's tradition.

Malolactic fermentation, non-filtered and non-discoloured wines.
Residual sugar content dosage 6.5 g/L.
Dosage liquor matured in oak casks (over 15 years).