Armagnac Delord 1975
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Armagnac Delord 1975
Armagnac Delord 1975
Armagnac Delord 1975

Armagnac Delord 1975

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Armagnac Delord 1975 is made using traditional distillation methods and aged for several decades in oak barrels. The 1975 vintage is known for its complex and rich flavor profile, with notes of dried fruits, spices, and oak wood. It has a deep amber color and a smooth, velvety texture.

Armagnac Delord 1975 is best enjoyed neat or over ice, and makes an excellent after-dinner drink. Its rich and complex flavors also make it a great pairing for desserts such as chocolate or fruit tarts. As a vintage Armagnac, it is highly sought after by connoisseurs and collectors.

Prosper Delord, a roving distiller, founded Armagnac Delord in 1893. Today, the Delord family is distilling, ageing and blending their
eaux-de-vie the exact same way their great-grandfather did. Hospitality, high quality, and international awards are their trade marks.

The Bas-Armagnac, whose capital is Eauze, is west of the appellation. It runs on the Landes and the western part of the Gers. It represents 67% of the areas identified in Armagnac. In this part of the terroir, the floors are sablo simedy, called "sandblasters". Bas-Armagnac brandies are delicate and very fruity.

Appellation: Bas-Armagnac, France
Kind : Millésime
Capacity: 70 cl (700ml) 
Alcohol content: 40.0°
Packaging (s): Caisse bois

Prosper Delord 是一位流浪的烈酒生產者/釀酒師,於 1893 年創立了雅文邑 Delord。如今,Delord 家族正在蒸餾、陳釀和調配他們的雅馬邑白蘭地 (Armagnac Delord)。他們釀造生命之水的方式與他們的曾祖父完全相同。熱情好客、高品質和國際獎項是他們的標誌。

Armagnac Delord 1975採用傳統的蒸餾方法製作,並在橡木桶中陳釀數十年。 1975年的陳年老酒以其複雜和豐富的口味而著名,具有乾果、香料和橡木的味道。它呈現深琥珀色,口感順滑,絲滑般的質感。

Armagnac Delord 1975最好純飲或加冰,是一款絕佳的餐後飲品。其豐富和復雜的口味也使其成為巧克力或水果餡餅等甜點的絕佳搭配。作為一款年份陳年老酒,它備受鑑賞家和收藏家追捧。

巴斯-阿曼尼亞克(Bas-Armagnac)產區的首府是歐澤(Eauze),該產區位於阿曼尼亞克的西部,覆蓋了蘭德省和傑爾斯省的西部。該產區佔據了阿曼尼亞克產區總面積的67%。在這個產區的土地上,地面是被稱為“砂礫沙”的sablo simedy。巴斯-阿曼尼亞克的白蘭地酒香味純正,果味濃鬱。

容量:70 cl (700毫升)