Armagnac Delord 1978
Armagnac Delord 1978
Armagnac Delord 1978
Armagnac Delord 1978
Armagnac Delord 1978

Armagnac Delord 1978

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Prosper Delord, a roving distiller, founded Armagnac Delord in 1893. Today, the Delord family is distilling, ageing and blending their eaux-de-vie the exact same way their great-grandfather did. Hospitality, high quality, and international awards are their trade marks.

Bas-Armagnac, whose capital is Eauze, is to the west of the appellation. It runs over the Landes and the western part of the Gers. It represents 67% of the surfaces identified in Armagnac. In this part of the terroir, the soils are sandy silty, known as "tawny sands". Bas-Armagnac eaux-de-vie are delicate and very fruity.

Maison Delord has been producing and aging eaux-de-vie since 1893 in Lannepax in the Gers. We find through this 1978 vintage all the know-how of the house transmitted from generation to generation for more than 120 years.

Armagnac Delord 1978 has a rich and complex flavor profile with notes of dried fruit, vanilla, caramel, and spice. It is described as being smooth and well-balanced with a long and satisfying finish.

Appellation: Bas-Armagnac, France
Type: Vintage
Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 40.0°
Packaging(s): Wooden crate

Prosper Delord 是一位流浪的烈酒生產者/釀酒師,於 1893 年創立了雅文邑 Delord。如今,Delord 家族正在蒸餾、陳釀和調配他們的雅馬邑白蘭地 (Armagnac Delord)。他們釀造生命之水的方式與他們的曾祖父完全相同。熱情好客、高品質和國際獎項是他們的標誌。

下雅文邑 (Bas-Armagnac) 的首府是歐茲 (Eauze),位於該產區的西部。 它橫貫朗德省和熱爾省西部。 它代表了雅文邑白蘭地中 67% 的表面。 在這部分風土中,土壤是沙質粉質土壤,被稱為“黃褐色沙”。 下雅文邑白蘭地生命之水細膩且果香濃郁。

Maison Delord 自 1893 年以來一直在熱爾省的 Lannepax 生產和陳釀生命之水。 通過這款 1978 年年份酒,我們發現了該品牌 120 多年來代代相傳的所有專業知識。

1978 年雅文邑德洛德 (Armagnac Delord) 具有豐富而復雜的風味,帶有乾果、香草、焦糖和香料的味道。 它被描述為順滑且平衡良好,餘味悠長且令人滿意。

產區: 法國,下雅文邑
類型: 復古