Angelique de Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊副牌紅酒 2016
Angelique de Monbousquet 2016
Angelique de Monbousquet 2016
Angelique de Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊副牌紅酒 2016

Angelique de Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊副牌紅酒 2016

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Chateau Monbousquet is another St. Emilion estate with a long history in the appellation that can trace its history all the way back to 1540. At the time, Monbousquet belonged to François de Lescours, before it became the property of the well-established De Carles family.

In fact, Monbousquet remained in the hands of the de Carles family for almost 150 years. The beautiful, classically styled chateau was built in 1648 by Jacques de Geres. The chateau is now the private home of Gerard Perse and Chantal Perse along with the rest of the Perse family.

In February, 2013, Gerard Perse sold a portion of Chateau Monbousquet to a large, anonymous, French, pension fund. The sale was motivated by French tax laws.

This allowed his daughter Angelique and her husband, Henrique Da Costa to eventually take over all the Perse owned wineries which include Chateau Pavie, Chateau Bellevue Mondotte and Chateau Pavie Decesse. as well as their estates in the Cotes de Castillon appellation.

The grand vin, and second wine Angélique de Monbousquet, are both fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats. The grand vin sees 18-24 months in new barriques, while the Angélique is made from younger vines and aged for 18 months in one-year-old barriques. Both are then bottled unfined and unfiltered. The varietal composition of the wines reflects the vineyard plantings.

Country: St Emilion, France

Rating: 93 Points by James Suckling

Tasting Note: Unique aromas of cherries, ash and grilled meat. Full body with juicy tannins and round texture. Delicious finish. Very soft and approachable. Hard not to drink now. Better in 2024.

Chateau Monbousquet(蒙寶石酒莊)位於法國波爾多右岸的聖埃美隆(Saint-Emilion)產區,是聖埃美隆列級莊(Grand Cru Classe)之一。同時亦是目前也是聖埃美隆一級A特等酒莊(Premier Grand Cru Classe A)柏菲酒莊(Chateau Pavie)的擁有者傑拉德·佩斯(Gerard Perse)擁有的第一家酒莊(與1993年收購)。自1994年之後,酒莊每年生產的酒質都處於極高的水準,該酒莊1995年份及1998年份的葡萄酒在盲品酒會中獲得羅伯特•帕克(Robert Parker)讚譽,其表現甚至勝過很多知名的酒莊。

Chateau Monbousquet(蒙寶石酒莊)酒莊歷史可以追溯到1540年,酒莊當時由Francois de Lescours 所有,後來幾百年間幾經轉手,1858年由Comte de Vassal-Montviel買下並不斷的擴大酒莊葡萄園的面積,酒莊繁榮發展,知名度得到了很大的提升,後來成為聖埃美隆地區最大的酒莊之一。之後幾經周轉由現在的一級莊柏菲酒莊(Chateau Pavie)莊主傑勒德·佩斯(Gerard Perse)買下,他們買下之後更新了酒莊的排水管道和釀酒設備,並修建了新的酒窖,聘請了著名釀酒師米歇爾·羅蘭(Michel Rolland)擔任釀酒顧問。在佩斯家族的悉心打理下,蒙寶石酒莊的葡萄酒品質突飛猛進。2006年,蒙寶石酒莊順利升級為聖埃美隆優等列級莊 Grand Cru Classe

除了釀造正牌Chateau Monbousquet(蒙寶石酒莊),酒莊還釀造副牌Angelique de Monbousquet 以及白葡萄酒 Chateau Monbousquet blanc。