Andre Clouet The V6 Experience NV

Andre Clouet The V6 Experience NV

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Classification: AOP Champagne

Soil/Terroir: Chalk and Clay

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Bottled in Spring 2013 with a permeable capsule allowing an exchange of 0,81 mg/L/an of oxygen to create an evolution of the wines specifically designed for the Pinot Noir of Bouzy

80% base wine 2012
20% Grande « Solera » Reserve from tanks Zeus and Apollo (50% 2008, 37.5% 2005, 25% 2004, 12.5% 2002)

Custom tailored disgorgement:
After careful evaluation of each batch of bottles and in order to propose the optimal tasting experience, disgorgement and dosage is done, batch by batch, according to the wine's specific attributes and evolution, the season of the year, and its final destination.

“Lifting Contour”+“Serum revitalisssant”: Barrel aged Chardonnay and refined sugar providing a structured lift, efferverscence and smooth tannins. Dosage proposed at 5 gr

72 months on the lees

Tasting notes:
Powerful nose of lightly candied fruit and spice accelerating on the palate with notes of ginger bread with sweet citrus.