Adriano Adami Vigneto Giardino Rive di Colbertaldo Asciutto 2019

Adriano Adami Vigneto Giardino Rive di Colbertaldo Asciutto 2019

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Grapes: Glera 97-100% - Chardonnay 0-3%
Denomination: Giardino Vineyard - ALTITUDE Colbertaldo - Municipality of Vidor.

Alcohol (%VOL): 11% vol

Vinification: The pressing is carried out with pneumatic presses and static settling of the must; it is followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature (17-19°C) with naturally selected yeasts, before the refinement phase and the aging on the noble lees in steel for at least six months.
The sparkling process takes place with the Italian method. Refermentation temperature: 15-17°C.
Cold stabilization (-4°C).

Organoleptic characteristics:
Appearance: straw yellow color. Dense foam and fine, persistent perlage. Aroma: of great breadth, intensity and balance. With fresh fruity notes, it recalls yellow apple, peach, wisteria and acacia flowers. Flavor: rich and intense in fruit flavors, with substantial breadth, soft and fresh. Of good fullness and length, it has complete correspondence with the aroma. Great harmony and elegance.

Gastronomic pairings: Excellent as an aperitif and suitable for all occasions of meeting and celebration. It pairs well with dry pastries, focaccia, fruit tarts and fresh fruit, especially peaches and melons. Particularly suitable to accompany pandoro and panettone.

葡萄品種:Glera 97-100% - Chardonnay 0-3%

產地:Giardino葡萄園 - 高度Colbertaldo - Vidor市。

酒精度:11% vol