Yunnan Red Dance in the Cloud 云南红云中舞
Yunnan Red 云南红
Yunnan Red, Dance in the Clouds 2018 雲南紅 雲中舞紅葡萄酒 2018
Yunnan Red, Dance in the Clouds 2018 雲南紅 雲中舞紅葡萄酒 2018
Yunnan Red, Dance in the Clouds 2018 雲南紅 雲中舞紅葡萄酒 2018
Yunnan Red, Dance in the Clouds 2018 雲南紅 雲中舞紅葡萄酒 2018

Yunnan Red, Dance in the Clouds 2018 雲南紅 雲中舞紅葡萄酒 2018

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Yunnan Red Winery, located in Dongfeng Farm, Mile City, Yunnan Province, has been a renowned winery in southwest China since 1992. With its picturesque vineyards, charming wooden barrel wine cellars, and the prestigious title of a winery awarded by the China Agricultural Association, Yunnan Red Winery stands out in the industry. It is located at 1480m altitude. boasts unique grape varieties, such as Isabella and Niagara, grown in the region's special plateau soil and abundant sunlight. With advanced winemaking technology and equipment, the winery has received numerous accolades for its "Yunnan Red" wine. Additionally, the establishment has expanded to include grape plantations, red wine brewing factories, and tourism, making it a hub for red wine culture.

A Dance in the Clouds is a wine from Yunnan China. Each grape that they used to make this wine was selected by a human. Their grape itself is named "A Dance in the Clouds" which is just the same as the wine name. It shows how special it was. This rare wine displays a deep and beautiful purple-red hue. Its elegant aromas of violet, black fruits, raspberry, mulberry, and blackcurrant captivate the senses. On the palate, one can taste the presence of dark fruit, bitter chocolate, a hint of leather, and oak. The wine's good acidity and well-structured tannins contribute to its distinctively enjoyable character.

This wine has a distinctive flavor and ample black and blue fruits. Medium-full body. This wine is jammy with medium, well-integrated tannins and a lingering finish. 

Seibel 4646 "Le Pourpre" is created by a French biologist Albert Seibel at the turn of 20th century, it is a hybrid of American and French varietals created to increase disease/phylloxera resistance. Parents include Alicante Ganzin, Aramon, Piquepoul, Couderc, Vivarais, Munson, wild American vitis rupestris/ vitis lincecumii. 

Country / Region : China, Yunnan, Mi Le
Grape Varieties : 100% Seibel 4646 Le Pourpre
Alcohol/ABV : 13.5%
Ageing in oak barrels: 6-12 months
Volume (VOL): 750ml
Service:  Decant 30 mins. Serve at 16-19 degree celsius

雲南紅酒莊位於雲南省彌勒市東風農場,自1992年以來一直是中國西南地區的知名酒莊。擁有風景如畫的葡萄園,迷人的木桶酒窖,以及中國農業協會授予的著名酒莊稱號,雲南紅酒莊在業界脫穎而出。 它位於海拔1480m。 擁有玫瑰蜜、水晶葡萄等獨特的葡萄品種,生長在該地區特殊的高原土壤和充足的陽光下。 酒莊擁有先進的釀酒技術和設備,生產的「雲南紅」葡萄酒屢獲殊榮。 此外,該地區還擴展到了葡萄種植園、紅酒釀造廠和旅遊業,使其成為紅酒文化的中心。

雲中舞是一款產自中國雲南的葡萄酒。 他們用來釀造這種酒的每一顆葡萄都是由人工挑選的。 他們的葡萄本身被命名為“雲中之舞”,與酒名一樣。 可見它有多特別。 這款稀有的葡萄酒呈現出深邃而美麗的紫紅色調。 其優雅的紫羅蘭、黑色水果、覆盆子、桑葚和黑加侖的香氣令人著迷。 在口感上,人們可以品嚐到黑色水果、苦巧克力、一絲皮革和橡木的味道。 該酒良好的酸度和結構良好的單寧賦予其獨特的令人愉悅的特性。

這款酒具有獨特的風味和豐富的黑色和藍色水果味。 中等-飽滿。 這款酒果醬味濃鬱,單寧適中,融合良好,餘韻悠長。 提供高級中國風格的品嚐和體驗。

國家/地區 : 中國雲南省彌樂市
葡萄品種:100% 雲中之舞