Yellow Wine (Huangjiu)

Yellow Wine (Huangjiu) is a type of Chinese alcoholic beverage most popular in the Jiangnan area. Huangjiu is brewed by mixing boiled grains including rice, glutinous rice, or millet with qū as a starter culture. Its alcohol content is typically 8% to 20%.
A few brands of premium grade huangjiu could have been aged for up to 20 years. Although as huangjiu's name may suggest, its color is typically light yellow and orange, it can, in fact, range from clear to brown. Many famous huangjiu brands use the quality of water involved in the brewing process as a way of advertising, and some consider it to be the most important ingredient.
Huangjiu is commonly consumed warm, as the richness from the flavor compounds is released better when warm. In summer, it is popular to drink sweet huangjiu chilled or on ice. Major producers of huangjiu include China and Taiwan.