Dr. Loosen Dr L Riesling 2022 (2024 Special Edition Year of the Dragon) 路森博士酒莊摩澤爾·雷司令 2022 (2024特別版)
Dr. Loosen Dr L Riesling 2022 (2024 Special Edition Year of the Dragon) 路森博士酒莊摩澤爾·雷司令 2022 (2024特別版)

Dr. Loosen Dr L Riesling 2022 (2024 Special Edition Year of the Dragon) 路森博士酒莊摩澤爾·雷司令 2022 (2024特別版)

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Dr. Loosen is a renowned German winery located in the Mosel Valley, known for producing high-quality German wines, particularly Riesling. The estate, led by Dr. Ernst Loosen since 1988, has a long history in grape cultivation and winemaking. Dr. Loosen focuses on crafting Riesling wines that are fresh, pure, and elegant, gaining international recognition for their exceptional quality. The vineyards, situated on steep slopes with blue slate soils, contribute to the distinctive flavor profiles of the wines. With a commitment to traditional methods and preserving the wine's purity and natural characteristics, Dr. Loosen wines are celebrated for their elegance, balanced acidity, and rich fruit flavors.

Dr. L embodies the elegant and racy style of classic Mosel Riesling. It is refreshing and fruity, with a fine mineral edge that is typical of the region as the fruit comes vineyards nestled amongst the slate slopes of the Mosel. It is a true ambassador for the Mosel Region that delivers excellent quality and consistency in every vintage.

Dr. Loosen Dr. L. Bros Riesling 2022 is an exquisite white wine that delights with its refreshing crispness and delicate nature. Its aromas dance gracefully, revealing the vibrant essence of lemon, orange, and apricot, complemented by subtle mineral undertones. The taste experience is smooth and vibrant, with a lively acidity that enlivens the palate and enhances its fruity character. This Riesling is a truly invigorating indulgence, offering a harmonious and luxurious flavor profile that makes it a truly pleasurable choice.

Country / Region : Mosel / Germany
Grape Varieties : Riesling
Alcohol/ABV : 8.5%
Size : 750 ml

Dr. Loosen是位於莫澤爾河谷的著名德國酒莊,以生產高品質的德國葡萄酒,特別是雷司令聞名。自1988年以來,由Ernst Loosen博士領導的酒莊擁有悠久的葡萄栽培和釀酒歷史。Dr. Loosen專注於打造新鮮、純淨和優雅的雷司令葡萄酒,因其卓越品質而獲得國際認可。坐落在陡峭的山坡上,以藍色頁岩土壤為特色的葡萄園為酒款帶來獨特的風味特點。酒莊致力於傳統方法,保護葡萄酒的純淨和自然特性,以其優雅、平衡的酸度和豐富的果味而受到讚譽。

Dr. L體現了經典莫澤爾雷司令葡萄酒的優雅和活潑風格。它清新而富有果香,帶有典型的礦物質邊緣,這是該地區葡萄園位於莫澤爾的頁岩山坡之間的特點。它是莫澤爾地區真正的代表,每個年份都提供卓越的品質和一致性。

Dr. Loosen Dr. L. Bros Riesling 2022是一款精緻的白葡萄酒,以其清新的爽脆和精緻的特性令人愉悅。它的香氣優雅地舞動,展現出檸檬、橙子和杏桃的活力氣息,並融合了細膩的礦物底調。口感順滑而生動,酸度活潑,為口腔帶來活力,凸顯其果香特性。這款雷司令葡萄酒令人耳目一新,味道和諧奢華,絕對是一個令人愉悅的選擇。