Champagne Bruno & Christiane Olivier Brut Signature
Champagne Bruno & Christiane Olivier Brut Signature

Champagne Bruno & Christiane Olivier Brut Signature

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Founded in 1980, Champagne Bruno & Christiane Olivier is located in Trélou-Sur-Marne (30km West from Epernay) of the Champagne area.

It is the result of tremendous combination: passionate love for the vine, craftsmanship and independence. Coming from a family of winemakers, Bruno Olivier has immersed himself in the secrets and skills required to elaborate exceptional Champagne. With his knowledge of vine growing and his savoir-faire, he decided to set up his own winery by purchasing his first vineyards.

The domaine now represents 3 hectares. From planting the vines to the winemaking, and then bottling, Bruno gives birth to a unique Grower Champagne meeting the bouquet and flavor he has imagined. A niche champagne grower.

Bruno & Christiane Olivier Brut Signature

Sustainable vineyard

Appellation: Champagne

Region/Country: Champagne,France

Grape: 85% Pinot Meunier, 15% Pinot Noir

Food Pairing: Pork, Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Shellfish, Mild and soft cheese

Tasting Notes: " The refreshing acidity together with pleasant apple, green fruity aromas, and a touch of bread and yeasty notes makes it a very easy drinking champagne that you keep serving to quench the thirst of your guests, by itself or with snacks. The balance of fruit and acidity is amazing, where the alcohol is hardly felt of its presence - a dangerous sign that you will keep drinking without noticing the volume. "

Champagne Bruno & Christiane Olivier成立於1980年,位於香檳地區的Trélou-Sur-Marne(距離埃佩爾奈以西30公里)。這是激情、手工藝和獨立精神的卓越結合的結果。Bruno Olivier出自一個釀酒世家,他沉浸於製作出卓越香檳所需的秘密和技巧。憑藉對葡萄種植的了解和他的專業技能,他決定通過購買自己的葡萄園來建立自己的酒莊。該酒莊現在擁有3公頃的葡萄園。從種植葡萄藤到釀造,再到瓶裝,Bruno創造出他想像中的獨特的種植者香檳,以滿足他所設想的芳香和口味。這是一家小眾的香檳種植者。