Adriano Adami Garbel Brut
Adriano Adami Garbel Brut

Adriano Adami Garbel Brut

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In the local Veneto dialect, the word ‘Garbèl’ expresses a satisfying sensation of freshness and pleasant lightness. Recognizable for its off-dry finish, youthful nose, and pleasing drinkability, Garbèl is suitable as an aperitif or an accompaniment to delicately-flavored dishes. Except for Garbèl, all off Adami’s wines are sourced from vineyards located on steep slopes, so to indicate Garbèl’s origin, from the vineyards on the plains, the label is applied horizontally. It contains 12 grams per liter of residual sugar.

Tasting Note: The NV Brut Prosecco Garbel is a pretty entry-level offering endowed with notable varietal character in its white peaches, pears and flowers. This is a beautiful, crisp Prosecco loaded with a personality that comes through in the clean, mineral-laced finish.

Country: Veneto, Italy

Rating: 89 Points by Wine Advocate

NV Brut Prosecco Garbel係一支高性價比高嘅意大利氣泡酒Prosecco,屬於入門級別嘅葡萄酒,帶着白桃、香梨同花嘅香味。佢具有獨特嘅個性,起泡細而綿密,並離口嘅時候會有陣陣嘅礦物味徘徊。