Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Ange 2001
Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Ange 2001

Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Ange 2001

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“Xavier Vignon is one of the leading oenologists in the Southern Rhone, and you only need to taste his own negociant wines to understand why. Across the board, they show beautifully made profiles, with loads of fruit and texture, superb balance and classic Southern Rhone characters,”

“Xavier’s seeming obsession with minerality in wine has led to him seeking sites that express that feature. He's also experimenting with various different vessels for aging, and even submerging filled barrels within tanks of wine.”
~ Wine Advocate ~

Xavier Vignon moved to the Southern Rhône in the mid-1990’s and fell in love
with the region’s stunning diversity of grape varieties, terroirs and wines. Since then, Xavier has earned a reputation as one of the greatest specialists in the region, having served as consultant to over 250 wine producers.

Rich in experience, innovative by nature, and boasting an intimate knowledge of the region’s terroirs, Xavier has built his own brand upon a signature style. Through his research in viticulture, he developed a passion for studying the various elements affecting the final character of the wine. Xavier’s studies are strongly focused on the ways in which the mineral content of water affects the wine’s salinity, which has radically changed his approach to viticulture and winemaking. Xavier’s wines are the result of meticulous blending of carefully selected wines.

Ange is the name of Xavier Vignon’s son who was born in 2001. Xavier has always wanted to dedicate a cuvée to him to celebrate his coming of age. Between 2001 and 2010 he patiently sought out and reserved high quality batches of Châteauneuf du Pape 2001 from his partner winemakers. Once centralized in his cellars, the batches were blended together in July 2019, on the day of Ange’s 18th birthday, before being bottled. Owing to the wine’s diverse origins in Châteauneuf du Pape, it is difficult to specify the exact composition of the blend. Yet the spirit of Châteauneuf du Pape’s 13 varietals are definitely all present!

Rating: Jen Dunnuck 96 points

Tasting Note: "Blended in 2010 and bottle in 2019, aged in barrels always submerged in wine, the 2001 Chateauneuf Du pape Ange sports a still youthful ruby color as well as a beautiful bouquet of cured meats, ground pepper, tobacco, white turffle, and spice. Rich, medium to full-bodied, and beautifully textured, it's multi-dimensional, layered, and elegant, with a Bonneau-like complexity and style. This is a thrilling wine."

Xavier Vignon 位於法國教皇新堡(Chateauneuf de Pape)產區,由 Xavier Vignon 創建。Xavier 是隆河區著名的釀酒師,在過去15年間擔任許多頂尖知名南隆河酒莊的釀酒顧問。他擅長挑選和混釀不同產區葡萄,還能凸顯產地特性與特色,早已是名聞暇爾的超級大腕。應全球的酒商之請,終於在2002創立自己的酒莊。酒莊紅酒採用的 Grenache 來自90年的老藤, Mourvedre 為75年,釀酒時,果皮碎皮後首先經過低溫浸漬,然後發酵3-4週,這一過程結束後,Syrah 和 Mourvedre 的新酒會放入新桶使用比例為1/3的橡木桶中陳釀,而 Grenache 則在陳年的木桶中成熟,裝瓶前不經過濾。