Toro Albala Don Px Convento Seleccion 1946
Toro Albala Don Px Convento Seleccion 1946
Toro Albala Don Px Convento Seleccion 1946

Toro Albala Don Px Convento Seleccion 1946 圖洛酒莊修道院臻選PX 雪利

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Toro Albalá is one of the Top 100 Spanish Gold Wineries of the 21st century. They are located right in Cordoba’s charming countryside, at Aguilar de la Frontera and Moriles towns. They officially became a business in 1922 when Jose María Toro Albalá started the initial project of the winery we are today.
Their wines are produced with Pedro Ximenez varietal and under DOP. Montilla-Moriles. They always keeps in mind their ancestors to exactly preserve the highest quality standards met in the past in wine production. Our production process is very detailed in method and unique in result. From 1922, Toro Albalá main priority has been to create wines meeting the most important requirement, that is, Quality. Their Convento series wines, for instance, come with by a carefully designed handcrafted oak case, a sealed numbered bottle, and a handwritten label. These details are only one example of how detailed our production is.
Rating: 100 Points by Robert Parker

Tasting Note: Dehydrated under the sun at the time of the Second World War, was only bottled in September 2011. This is an extreme wine, my first descriptor was ultra-mega-super concentrated. It is unbelievably powerful, both in the nose and the palate, full of umami, with sweet cinnamon, Christmas cake, camphor, petrol, lemongrass, Belgian chocolate and butter. Incredibly complex and rich, sweet, balanced and smooth in the palate, it is both very sweet and somehow salty, and with time it develops a black olive note…These wines are kept for generations and offered in very small quantities, but it’s amazing that you can still buy and drink something so old, and I’m even tempted to say that it might represent good value for what it is. A real tour de force sweet wine. Drink it if you ever have the privilege to do so from 2013-2060.

此酒產自圖洛酒莊(Bodegas Toro Albala)。酒莊於 1884 年由 Prieto 先生建立,當時酒莊名為 La Noria。1922 年,Jose Maria Toro Albala 正式開始酒莊葡萄酒生意的運作,因此酒莊的名字也是以其名字命名。酒莊名聲大噪是在酒莊傳人 Antonio Sanchez Romero 掌門之後。他堅持傳承傳統精神,同時採用創新的技術。一個世紀後,圖洛酒莊葡萄酒位列西班牙前茅,並被評為「21 世紀西班牙百大黃金級酒莊之一」(Top 100 Spanish Gold Wineries of the 21st Century)。

圖洛酒莊一直致力於釀造高端雪利,是 PX 雪利的先驅,也是出產 PX 雪利的最佳生產商。酒莊偏愛手工釀造以及長時間的橡木桶陳年,不少酒都是陳年幾十年以上。

品酒筆記:濃烈黝黑色帶有碘色調 甘草、櫻桃白蘭地、純巧克力、黑醋栗、肉豆蔻、香料、花生、奶油、菸草、香脂,造就其新鮮感。堅果、榛果、烤杏仁給予其平衡和木頭香,並使味道持久。 斟入沁涼的酒杯中,即便開瓶後它仍隨著時間增長而更加香醇。