Taylor's Historic Collection Reserve Tawny Port
Taylor's Historic Collection Reserve Tawny Port
Taylor's Historic Collection Reserve Tawny Port
Taylor's Historic Collection Reserve Tawny Port

Taylor's Historic Collection Reserve Tawny Port 泰勒珍藏茶色砵酒 (1L) 20% abv

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This bottle was inspired by the ‘chestnut’ shaped wine bottles manufactured in England between about 1715 and 1740. In Britain, where they were used mainly in the 1720s and early 1730s, ‘chestnut’ wine bottles were relatively unusual but their use in continental Europe was more widespread. The particular variant on which this limited edition bottle was based, with its narrow oval profile, is often described as having a ‘flat chestnut’ shape.

These ‘chestnut’ bottles usually held more wine than earlier ‘onion’ bottles or the more cylindrical types that followed them. Like this special edition bottle, by about 1730 full sized ‘chestnut’ bottles were made to hold around a litre of wine.

This blend was carefully put together for this limited edition from specially selected Ports from Taylor’s extensive aged Tawny stocks, aged in seasoned oak Port pipes. Its character is unique for this bottling, with the characteristic Taylor’s richness and with its distinctive grip on the finish.

The wine is a skilfully blended Tawny Port, harmonious and balanced, with all the intensity and finesse derived from ageing in seasoned oak casks.

Country: Portugal

Tasting Note: A core of deep brick red fading to russet on the rim. A beautifully mature and complex nose, full of evocative, subtle nuances. Aromas of plum, fig and sultana blend with a mellow redolence of marzipan and butterscotch. Hints of cigar box, cedarwood and leather add an exotic dimension to the nose. The wine is seductively round and smooth with discreet, beautifully integrated tannins adding an attractive dryness and grip. The wine is full of rich, fruit cake flavours with some fresh plum character emerging on the long finish. A skilfully blended Tawny Port, harmonious and balanced, with all the intensity and finesse derived from ageing in seasoned oak casks.

對於許多人來說,泰樂(Taylor's)是典型的酒屋,而其葡萄酒則是典型的酒。泰樂百貨公司(Taylor's)成立於1692年,三個多世紀以前,是最古老的港口公司之一。它完全致力於酒的生產,尤其是其最好的風格。 最重要的是,泰樂 (Taylor's)被視為Vintage Port的基準。泰樂也被稱為“ 晚裝瓶年份酒”的鼻祖,這是該公司開創的風格,至今仍是領先的製作人。


Sweetness 甜度: 微甜
Acidity 酸度: 清新
Tannin 丹寧: 中等偏高