Sociando Mallet 索西昂多馬利酒莊紅酒 2016
Sociando Mallet 索西昂多馬利酒莊紅酒 2016
Sociando Mallet 索西昂多馬利酒莊紅酒 2016

Sociando Mallet 索西昂多馬利酒莊紅酒 2016

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Chateau Sociando Mallet produces full-bodied wines with a deep, dark colour. Their complex bouquet is usually dominated by black fruit aromas with a touch of minerality and well-integrated, elegant oak. Often somewhat "virile" when young, the wines gain in balance and complexity with age. They are fresh, straightforward, and have a wonderful length.

Chateau Sociando Mallet has always been a wine with great ageing potential. A wine to be enjoyed even after 30 years in great vintages.

92-94 points from Robert Parker
" The 2016 Sociando-Mallet has a refulgent purple/black color. It has a very intense and rich, you might say "ambitious" bouquet with layers of small black cherries, blueberry and a touch of sloes, less tertiary than previous vintages and certainly more opulent. The palate is medium-bodied with juicy ripe tannin that almost disguise the firm structure underneath. I admire the completeness of this Sociando-Mallet, the neatly embroidered new oak and the freshness on the finish. The 2015 Sociando-Mallet did not fire on all cylinders last year, but this 2016 is totally convincing. It comes highly recommended as one of the best wines produced at this estate in the northern Médoc. This is an outstanding wine from Mon. Gautreau." - Reviewed by Neal Martin
Drinking Window: 2022-2045

Region/ Country: Haut-Medoc (Bordeaux)/ France
Grape Varieties: 60% Merlot , 37% Cabernet Sauvigon, 3% Cabernet France     

Alcohol : 14%   



評分:羅伯特·帕克(Robert Parker)給予92-94分

“2016年的Sociando-Mallet呈明亮的紫黑色。它擁有非常濃烈而豐富的香氣,可以說是“雄心勃勃”,層層疊疊的小黑櫻桃、藍莓和一絲李子漿氣息,比之前的年份更少第三陳年香氣,顯然更豐富。口感中等酒體,多汁成熟的單寧幾乎掩蓋了堅實的結構。我讚賞這款Sociando-Mallet的完整性,新橡木的巧妙融入以及收尾時的清新感。2015年的Sociando-Mallet去年表現不佳,但這款2016年的完全令人信服。它被強烈推薦為梅多克北部這個莊園生產的最佳葡萄酒之一。這是一款出色的酒,來自Gautreau先生。”- Neal Martin評論


酒精度:14% vol