Orin Swift 8 YEARS IN THE DESERT 2020 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 八年之癢红酒
Orin Swift 8 YEARS IN THE DESERT 2020 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 八年之癢红酒

Orin Swift 8 YEARS IN THE DESERT 2020 奥林斯威夫特酒莊 八年之癢红酒

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Blend: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah

Aged for eight months in French Oak, 51% New

15.8% Alc./Vol.

Founder of Orin Swift Dave Phinney, a Napa wine legend was named Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast. Every wine in the portfolio from vineyard source to distinct artwork adorning the label, offers a unique point of view while creating a heart-skipping impression. Robert Parker admires his his wines for their considerable character and complexity. He’s as known for his innovative packaging as he is for wine quality and personality. He believes that wine should resemble a piece of great art, and his labels, inspired as much by street art as fine art, tell stories about the vineyard, the vintage, the winemaker.

8 Years in the Desert is our homage to California. Anchored by a distinctly Californian grape varietal, Zinfandel, we have been able to source fruit from across the state and craft a wine that shows off our style. As a result of picking later than most, we have a higher risk of ‘stuck fermentations’ specifically with Zin; our methods have minimized those risks although they still remain year to year. Complemented by structured Petite Sirah and layered Syrah, this blend was carefully selected to be the fourth progression in the series. 

WINEMAKER’S NOTES: Bright violet in the glass, the 2020 8 Years in the Desert is the epitome of our style, the reason we are even here in the first place. As it’s being poured, the aromatics hit squarely on the nose with a perception of sweetness: pure brambly raspberry juice and blueberry preserves with a hint of white pepper and High Sierra forest floor. Yet, the perceived sweetness on the nose is just that, perceived, and doesn’t carry through to the palate. Lush and enveloping with a beam of acidity, notes of blackberry pie, plum and kirsch flourish. Ultra-round tannins and lingering raspberry, the wine finishes in slow-motion. 

釀酒師Dave Phinney嘅話:2018年份代表《八年之痕》金粉黛紅酒嘅第三版。喺接下嚟嘅幾年,呢款酒以及佢嘅酒標會繼續上市。如果我和我嘅團隊把工作做嘅盡善盡美,咁呢款酒只會變得越嚟越好。呢些酒標系既定嘅設計,因為佢哋全部源自限量版原始嘅八款酒標,並且將喺每個新年份中按順序發表。 有些人知呢八款酒標,有些人只知第一款酒標。有些人會中意接下嚟嘅酒標,有些人會討厭佢。但就像葡萄酒一樣,呢些酒標和呢款酒嘅精神系相輔相成嘅,也系所有相關人員不斷勤力嘅典范。與之前嘅兩個年份一樣,呢款酒混和了Zinfandel、Petite Sirah、Syrah和Grenache等唔同品種。經過十個月無數次嘅盲飲最後決定混釀比例然後裝樽。我個人對於2018年份感到非常自豪,希望依家和以後你都會中意佢。