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Louis Dousset Original Brut 杜釋經典香檳
Louis Dousset Original Brut 杜釋經典香檳
Louis Dousset Original Brut 杜釋經典香檳
Louis Dousset Original Brut 杜釋經典香檳

Louis Dousset Original Brut 杜釋經典香檳

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Ever since 1844 Dousset family has paid an almost obsessive attention to caring for their vines, for each separate plot and for each individual plant. The key is to respect the land and respect the plant life; to achieve this they use a combination of traditional practices and modern technology. To create their champagnes they rely on the main principles of bio-dynamics and on sustainable farming methods. Their vineyards, as well as their champagnes, benefit from the fact that the average age of our vines is 46 years, some are over 80 years old meaning that their estate, as well as the champagnes produced from it, are blessed with exceptional quality. Today the estate is managed by Jean-Roch Floquet, the grandson of Louis Dousset. He oversees the work in the vineyards as well as the blending of the champagnes with the twin objectives of making wines that embody their terroir and of maintaining the consistently high quality of Louis Dousset champagnes.

Champagnes Louis Dousset, the embodiment of terroir.

Country: France

Appearance: Pale yellow with lively bubbles that form a pure white crown. Full of youth and energy.

Nose: Delicate aromas of fresh white flowers, breadcrumbs and quince. Bright, direct and above all fun.

Palate: Soft and gentle at first then opening out to reveal a firmer character as well. The dosage provides the perfect foil to a hint of acidity and the liveliness
of the bubbles that lift the palate. Delicate and very “more-ish” with a clean, tight finish.

Service 8°C (460 F). Perfect as an aperitif, and an excellent match with savoury or sweet petit fours.

自1844年以來,Dusset家族用心照顧自己的葡萄園。他們認為尊重土地,即尊重植物的生命;為此,他們結合了傳統做法和現代技術。為了製造香檳,他們依賴生物動力學的主要原理和可持續的耕作方法。葡萄藤的平均年齡為46歲,有些已經超過80年,這意味著他們的酒產以及由其生產的香檳品質卓越。如今,該莊園由路易·杜釋的孫子Jean-Roch Floquet管理。他負責葡萄園的工作,以及香檳的混合,藉此體現其風土特色和保持杜釋香檳始終如一的高品質。