Lanessan 藍珊莊園 紅葡萄酒 2018
Lanessan 藍珊莊園 紅葡萄酒 2018
Lanessan 藍珊莊園 紅葡萄酒 2018

Lanessan 藍珊莊園 紅葡萄酒 2018

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The Grand Vin of Château Lanessan, a magnificent property located in the Haut-Médoc, on the left bank of Bordeaux, the Château Lanessan 2018 shines as one of the most beautiful references of its appellation.

A year of contrasts, 2018 took place in two stages. Following a rainy winter and spring, the threat of mildew was very strong. A beautiful summer began in July, bringing plenty of sunshine. High daily temperatures and cool nights favoured the perfect ripening of the fruit. The harvest began on September 24 and ended on October 16, 2018 with grapes rich in colour and beautiful fruity aromas. The quality of the tannins was remarkable and very ripe. The grapes had a remarkable balance of sugar / acidity.

Rating: 90-91 points from VertdeVin
"The nose is fruity, racy and offers a small concentration as well as a very fine power. It reveals notes of juicy blackberry, ripe/pulpy cassis and small notes of strawberry associated with small touches of violet, grey pepper, nutmeg as well as discreet hints of coffee and dark chocolate. The palate is fruity, slightly tight and offers freshness, minerality as well as freshness, a certain intensity as well as dynamism, tension, a fine acidulous frame and a fine concentration. On the palate this wine expresses notes of juicy/fresh cassis, fresh raspberry and small notes of cherry associated with touches of small red berries as well as hints of violet, fresh mild tobacco, almond, discreet hints of lily, chocolate and toasted oak (in the background). Tannins are very finely tight." - Reviewed by Neal Martin
Drinking Window: 2022-2045

Region/ Country: Haut-Medoc (Bordeau)/ France
Grape Varieties: 52% Cabernet Sauvignon , 42% Merlot and 6% Petit Verdot
Alcohol : 14%

拉內桑酒莊(Chateau Lanessan) 是位於波爾多左岸上梅多克(Haut-Médoc) 的一座宏偉酒莊,2018 年的拉內桑酒莊(Château Lanessan) 是該產區最美麗的典範之一。

2018年是充滿反差的一年,分為兩個階段。 經過多雨的冬季和春季,黴菌的威脅非常強烈。 美麗的夏天從七月開始,帶來了充足的陽光。 白天的高溫和涼爽的夜晚有利於果實的完美成熟。 採摘工作於2018年9月24日開始,於2018年10月16日結束,葡萄色澤濃鬱,果香濃鬱。 單寧的品質非常出色且非常成熟。 這些葡萄的糖/酸度達到了顯著的平衡。
評級:VertdeVin 90-91 分
「果味濃鬱、活潑,濃度小,味道濃鬱。它散發出多汁的黑莓、成熟/多汁的黑醋栗和淡淡的草莓香氣,並伴有紫羅蘭、灰胡椒、肉荳蔻和淡淡的紫羅蘭味。淡淡的咖啡和黑巧克力的味道。口感果香濃鬱,略顯緊緻,清新,礦物質味十足,具有一定的強度和活力,張力,良好的酸度和濃度。這款酒在口感上表現出多汁/新鮮的黑醋栗、新鮮的覆盆子和櫻桃的味道,伴隨著小紅色漿果的味道,以及紫羅蘭、新鮮溫和的煙草、杏仁、百合、巧克力和烤橡木的微妙味道(背景)。非常細密。” - 尼爾馬丁評論

葡萄品種:52% 赤霞珠、42% 梅洛和 6% 小維多