Kilchoman Am Burach
Kilchoman Am Burach

Kilchoman Am Burach

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Someone (tm) at the Kilchoman Distillery accidentally mixed some whisky designated to become Machir Bay and some port matured Kilchoman, while vatting casks. The whisky was filled back into ex-bourbon barrels and matured for six more years, and finally given a six month finish in ruby port casks. The result was dubbed Am Bùrach which means "the mess" in Gaelic.

This expression was released by the distillery earlier this year and is naturally a limited edition. Only 10550 bottles of this mess exists.

Nose: Peaty and meaty. Earthy and sweet. Vanilla, tropical fruits and wet leaves. More sugary notes with time.

Taste: Full bodied and very peaty now. Fruity cold ashes, apple pie, black pepper, vanilla and citrus.

Finish: Medium long finish. Sweet and mellow landing with icing sugar, red berries and soot.