Kamiki Malt Whisky in Cedar Casks (Gift box)
Kamiki Malt Whisky in Cedar Casks (Gift box)
Kamiki Malt Whisky in Cedar Casks (Gift box)

Kamiki Malt Whisky in Cedar Casks (Gift box) 神息吉野杉樽熟成 禮盒裝 750ml

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Kamiki is a new expression of premium Japanese style whisky blessed by Omiwa priests from Nara. Nara is the ancient capital of Japan and it holds many temples from Shinto, Tengri and Buddhist religions, which makes Nara «The City of Temples».

Kamiki production is protected by Omiwa Temple priests. Omiwa is one of the oldest extant Shinto shrine in Japan over thousand years old and protecting local alcohol producers ever since. To celebrate the timeless alcohol tradition of the region, rare Japanese malt whiskies and finest malt whiskies sourced from rest of the world are blended and later fused with the highest quality pure spring water.

Nara is covered with dense Yoshino Sugi (Japanese Cedar) forests. Yoshino Sugi is used to build temples, burnt in temples to calm mind and to age local alcohol products. Kamiki uses a unique second maturation technique, while blend is rested for a second time in Yoshino Sugi –Japanese Cedar- casks to capture a perfectly smooth taste, a scent of sandalwood on the nose and a zest of green tea in the finish. This second maturation makes Kamiki; “THE FIRST WHISKY IN THE WORLD WITH JAPANESE CEDAR CASK FINISH”!

Kamiki name is derived from the Miwa Mountain (Mountain of God), which is protected by Omiwa Priests. Inspired by beautiful breezes coming from Miwa, the whisky is named KAMIKI, where KAMI means God and IKI means breath.

Kamiki whisky has a smooth taste, complex flavor and driven by pure malted barley. There is no age statement on the product. It has been aged in oak barrels minimum of three years and second aged in non-charred local cedar casks. Kamiki comes in a premium gift box, truly displaying its Japanese heritage.

Kamiki has got acknowledgements from:

  • “CHAIRMAN’s TROPHY – HIGHEST Award” from 2018 Ultimate Spirit Challenge
  • “GOLD” medal from 2018 China Wine and Spirits Awards
  • “GOLD“ medal from Global Spirit Awards in August17 in Las Vegas
  • “SILVER“ medal from New York International Wine and Spirit Competition in August17
  • “GOLD“ medal from San Diego International Spirit Competition in August17
  • “SILVER” award at Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America Convention) in April
  • “SILVER” award at Taste Competition and “BRONZE” in Packaging IWSC in July17
  • Kamiki has been chosen by world’s most respected design galleries “The DieLine” and “Packaging of The World” as an inspirational whisky design.
Country: Japan
世界第一款使用吉野杉木桶熟成的威士忌品牌此酒款精選日本及世界各地高品質的麥芽威士忌,加上日本當地的純淨泉水調和而成,再置入吉野杉木桶進行二次熟成,賦予酒液獨特宜人的香氣。 小批次生產,無冷凝過濾,酒精度48%,除了能感受到焦糖、木質、梅子、泥煤,還帶有檀香及綠茶的風味。