⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018 約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018
⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018 約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018
⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018 約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018
⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018 約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018
⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018 約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018

⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018 約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018

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Joseph Phelps Vineyards, founded by Joseph Phelps, is a renowned winery in Napa Valley. Established in 1973 on a former cattle ranch, the winery quickly gained recognition for producing influential wines, including iconic Insignia. With a commitment to excellence, Phelps expanded into Sonoma Coast, developing vineyards for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Today, the winery owns and farms 525 acres across 11 estate vineyards, each contributing unique characteristics to their wines. Visitors can enjoy tastings and food pairings at the picturesque Home Ranch in St. Helena. Joseph Phelps wines represent a deep sense of place and unwavering quality.

⁠Joseph Phelps Insignia 2018, also named as a military emblem, is a wine from the USA produced since 1973, a worldwide famous wine. It has a great history. It has become the Top 100 famous wines of WineSpectator 3 times. Robert Parker rated it over 90 points in 20 years continuedly. It is one of the best insignias ever. In 2016, it is an epic year for it. it has a nearly higher point which rates 99-100 points.   It shows how remarkable and phenomenal wine it is.

It includes Blackberry, violets, clove, and black chocolate with mint. It smells like the Intense aromas of black fruits and dried rose petals. It brings a calm and reserved temperament compared to other wines, but gorgeous.

The Wine Advocate 97+ points:

Deep garnet-purple colored, it comes storming out of the glass with powerful notes of blackcurrant cordial, stewed black plums and boysenberries, plus hints of cedar chest, graphite, menthol and wet slate with a fragrant waft of clove oil. The medium to full-bodied palate already demonstrates remarkable balance at this youthful stage, featuring a firm backbone of fine-grained tannins and bold freshness to support the tightly wound, crunchy black fruits, finishing long and spicy. 17,000 cases were made.” - Tasted on Jul 30, 2021 Lisa Perrotti-Brown

Awards: Top 100 famous wines of WineSpectator 3 times
Country / Region: USA/NAPA Valley
Grape Varieties : 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Petit Verdot, 3% Malbec and 2% Cabernet Franc.
Alcohol/ABV : 14.5%
Ageing in oak barrels : 24 months in 100% new French oak

約瑟夫·菲爾普斯葡萄園由約瑟夫·菲爾普斯創立,是納帕谷著名的酒莊。 酒莊於 1973 年在一座前養牛場的基礎上成立,很快就因生產具有影響力的葡萄酒而獲得認可,其中包括標誌性的軍徽。 秉承追求卓越的承諾,菲爾普斯將業務擴展到索諾瑪海岸,開發黑皮諾和夏多內葡萄園。 如今,酒莊擁有 11 個葡萄莊園,佔地 525 英畝,每個葡萄園都為其葡萄酒帶來了獨特的特色。 遊客可以在聖赫勒拿風景如畫的家庭牧場享受品嚐和食物搭配。 約瑟夫菲爾普斯葡萄酒代表著深厚的地理意識和堅定不移的品質。

約瑟夫菲爾普斯徽章紅酒 2018又稱軍徽酒,產自1973年的美國葡萄酒,世界名酒。 它有著偉大的歷史。 曾3次入選WineSpectator 百強名酒。 羅伯特·帕克連續20年給予其超過90分的評價。 這是有史以​​來最好的徽章之一。 2016年,對它來說是史詩般的一年。 它的分數幾乎更高,為 99-100 分。 它顯示了它是多麼非凡和非凡的葡萄酒。

它包括黑莓、紫羅蘭、丁香和薄荷黑巧克力。 它聞起來像黑色水果和乾燥玫瑰花瓣的濃郁香氣。 與其他葡萄酒相比,它帶來了一種平靜、內斂的氣質,但卻華麗。

《葡萄酒倡導家》97+ 分:
「酒呈現深石榴紅色,從玻璃杯中湧出,散發出強烈的黑醋栗甜酒、燉黑李子和博森莓的香氣,加上淡淡的雪松木、石墨、薄荷醇和濕板岩的味道,並帶有丁香油的芳香。 中等至濃鬱的口感在這個年輕階段就已經展現出非凡的平衡,具有堅實的細粒單寧和大膽的新鮮感,支撐著緊密纏繞、鬆脆的黑色水果的味道,餘韻悠長而辛辣。 已製作 17,000 個案例。」- Lisa Perrotti-Brown於2021 年 7 月 30 日品嚐

國家 : 美國/納帕谷
葡萄品種:87% 赤霞珠、8% 小維多、3% 馬爾貝克和 2% 品麗珠
在橡木桶中陳釀:在 100% 新法國橡木桶中陳釀 24 個月