Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Year of Ox)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Year of Ox)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Year of Ox)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Year of Ox) 尊尼獲加藍牌牛年限量版威士忌

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Chinese New Year Limited Edition

Johnnie Walker Blue Label introduces our annual Lunar New Year Limited Edition, designed with a golden foiled ox mascot and gold ingot, symbolizing wealth, prosperity and taste. A blend of our rarest whiskies, with only l in 10,000 of the eight millions casks in our reserves deemed to contain whisky of sufficient character to deliver the remarkably smooth signature taste.

Tasting Note: A first sip reveals a velvety mouthfeel, as rolling waves of rich spice give way to a deep surge of vanilla sweetness and honey. Caramel and hazelnuts course through dark chocolate. With a uniquely long, luxurious finish of smoke, pepper and a hint of spice.

Serve: Johnnie Walker Blue Label is great enjoyed with a sip of iced water to prepare your palate, followed by a sip of whisky.

JOHNNIE WALKER 藍牌《金牛獻瑞》限定版金牛揚起雙角揭開新春序幕以力拔山河之勢扭轉無盡乾坤招來福運富貴。瓶身設計運用色彩、燙金、琺瑯重疊等特殊技法細節精緻立現為年節帶來最真摯的祝福標誌紀念瓶窖藏萬桶僅取一桶珍稀淬錬一瓶深藴。

一萬桶酒藏中,只有一桶能呈現 Johnnie Walker Blue Label 超凡卓越的風味,獨特味道與品質堪稱萬中選一。擁有無與倫比的豐富層次與煙燻風味,口感像絲綢般滑順,更有如一道道波浪,帶來各種強烈的味覺饗宴。

一入口,舌齒之間便充滿榛果、蜂蜜、雪莉酒香與柳橙果香,接 著是隱約的薑味、金橘、檀香木與黑巧克力香味。濃郁的蜂蜜甜 味最先湧現,伴隨淡雅的胡椒與乾果味道,最後是柔和的煙燻味, 完美平衡的風味組合,餘韻繚繞不絕餘口 。

飲法 :
享用 Johnnie Walker Blue Label,先喝一口冰水,令口腔準備就緒,然後喝一口威士忌。