Dalmore 20 Years
Dalmore 20 Years
Dalmore 20 Years

Dalmore 20 Years 大摩20年高地單一純麥威士忌

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The latest release from Dalmore, one of Scotland’s most expert and accomplished distilleries, is a stunning 20 Year Old that was released only for the Asian market, specifically China and Taiwan. This is a whisky that typifies what it means to be top-quality scotch – it’s complex, interesting and looks as good on the outside as it tastes on the inside.

The first part of the spirit’s 20 year maturation period is spent inside first fill ex-bourbon barrels, resulting in a light citrusy range of notes that come through on the nose. It was then transferred to Tawny Port Pipes, sourced from the Douro region of Portugal, known for their outstanding quality. This helps to bring an extra level of depth to the dram, with figs, gingerbread, dark chocolate and black cherries coming to the fore. The citrus reappears on the finish in the form of caramelised orange and a little marmalade comes through and lasts until your next sip. It’s an incredibly sophisticated and well composed dram that is perfect for a cold evening in front of the fire with close friends and family.

Country: Scotland