Puchang Vineyard Rkatsiteli 2021 蒲昌酒莊白羽 2021
Puchang Vineyard Rkatsiteli 2021 蒲昌酒莊白羽 2021

Puchang Vineyard Rkatsiteli 2021 蒲昌酒莊白羽 2021

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Very much an oasis in the middle of the desert, Puchang – located in Turpan Valley, China’s Xinjiang province - now comprises approximately 100 hectares of vineyards which produce up to 130,000 bottles each year. Puchang was first established in 1975. In 2008, Hong Kong business man, Mr. K.K. Cheung purchased the estate, giving it a new direction as one of the first organic wine producers in China.

Puchang focuses on organic viticulture and winemaking with unwavering dedication and care under quality management. It also works with distinctive local grapes to present the taste of Xinjiang terroir. Thanks to the extreme desert climate, this land is almost entirely free of pests. Puchang is certified by ECOCERT as being organically maintained, which is an indication of its fine standard at the international level.

Rkatsiteli is one of the oldest grape varietal originated from Georgia. It was introduced to China in 1956 and yields a good sugar level with high natural acidity. This variety produces balanced white wines. Typical Rkatsiteli is crisp with hints of apple and minerals on the palette.

Rating :
RP 89 points The Wine Advocate
“The 2021 Rkatsiteli from Puchang has a moderate lemon appearance and shows some varietally true red apple, quince, red pear and also nectarine fruit with a touch of white flower. On the palate, it is medium-bodied, with the lively acidity of the variety and slightly overt 13.5% alcohol supporting a reasonable core of ripe Rkatsiteli fruit complemented by a touch of lees. With its only moderate length, this is not as compelling as the 2020 vintage (the best to date) but also not quite as concentrated or refined as the 2016 or 2018 vintages.” - Tasted on Jan 24, 2024 by Edward Ragg




RP 89分《葡萄酒倡導家》(The Wine Advocate)
“普昌的2021年Rkatsiteli呈現出中等的檸檬色,展示了一些真實的紅蘋果、木瓜、紅梨和桃子水果,還有一點白花的氣息。口感中等,具有活潑的酸度和略帶13.5%酒精的合理的成熟Rkatsiteli水果核心,還有一點酵母沉澱物的味道。與2020年的葡萄酒相比,這款酒不太引人注目,但也不像2016年或2018年的葡萄酒那樣濃郁或精緻。”- Edward Ragg於2024年1月24日試飲