Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊紅酒 2018
Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊紅酒 2018
Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊紅酒 2018
Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊紅酒 2018

Monbousquet 蒙寶石酒莊紅酒 2018

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Chateau Monbousquet is another St. Emilion estate with a long history in the appellation that can trace its history all the way back to 1540. At the time, Monbousquet belonged to François de Lescours, before it became the property of the well-established De Carles family.

In fact, Monbousquet remained in the hands of the de Carles family for almost 150 years. The beautiful, classically styled chateau was built in 1648 by Jacques de Geres. The chateau is now the private home of Gerard Perse and Chantal Perse along with the rest of the Perse family.

93+ points from The Wine Advocate, Robert Parker:
" The 2018 Monbousquet is a blend of 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine has a pH of 3.78 and 14.38% alcohol. Deep garnet-purple colored, it comes bounding out of the glass with energetic notes of baked blackberries, kirsch and Black Forest cake, following by suggestions of Chinese five spice, iodine, unsmoked cigars, eucalyptus and crushed rocks with a waft of lavender. The palate is full-on full-bodied, possessing tons of rich, spicy black fruits and a velvety texture, delivering impressive tension for this level of ripeness, finishing long with a lifted savoriness. Give it 3-4 more years in bottle and drink it over the next 20+ years." - Reviewed by Lisa Perrotti-Brown on Mar 31, 2021
Drink Date: 2024-2044

Region/Country : Pomerol (Bordeaux), France
Grape Varieties : Cabernet Franc, Merlot
Alcohol: 13.5%

Chateau Monbousquet是聖愛美濃(St. Emilion)的另一個莊園,擁有該產區悠久的歷史,可以追溯到1540年。當時,Monbousquet屬於弗朗索瓦·德·雷斯庫爾(François de Lescours),後來成為了備受推崇的德卡爾家族的財產。

事實上,Monbousquet在德卡爾家族手中保持了近150年。這座美麗的古典風格城堡建於1648年,由雅克·德·熱雷斯(Jacques de Geres)建造。現在,這座城堡是熱拉爾·佩爾斯(Gerard Perse)和尚塔爾·佩爾斯(Chantal Perse)以及佩爾斯家族的私人住宅。

羅伯特·帕克(Robert Parker)評分:93+
“2018年的Monbousquet是60%品麗珠、30%品麗珠和10%赤霞珠的混釀葡萄酒。酒的酸度為3.78,酒精濃度為14.38%。深石榴紅色,充滿活力地在玻璃杯中展現出烘烤黑莓、櫻桃酒和黑森林蛋糕的香氣,隨後帶有中國五香粉、碘、未吸煙雪茄、尤加利樹和碎石的氣息,並夾帶著薰衣草的香氣。口感飽滿,酒體飽滿,充滿了豐富的辛辣黑色水果和絲絨般的口感,展現出令人驚艷的成熟度的緊繃感,收結悠長,帶有高揚的風味。將它放在瓶子中再多3-4年,並在未來20年以上享用。”- Lisa Perrotti-Brown於2021年3月31日評論