Chateau Troplong Mondot 2015 卓龍夢特酒莊紅酒 2015
Chateau Troplong Mondot 2015 卓龍夢特酒莊紅酒 2015
Chateau Troplong Mondot 2015 卓龍夢特酒莊紅酒 2015

Chateau Troplong Mondot 2015 卓龍夢特酒莊紅酒 2015

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Chateau Troplong Mondot is a renowned estate located in the Saint-Émilion region of Bordeaux, France. It is classified as a Premier Grand Cru Classé B, highlighting its status as a top-quality producer of red wines. With a history dating back to the late 18th century, the estate has undergone modernization and expansion. Its vineyards, spanning approximately 33 hectares, predominantly grow Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Chateau Troplong Mondot wines are known for their rich fruit flavors, ample structure, and elegant tannins, often requiring some aging to reach their full potential. They have garnered international acclaim and are highly regarded by experts and enthusiasts alike.

Troplong Mondot wines are known for their intense fruit flavors, such as blackberry, blackcurrant, and black cherry, which are often accompanied by notes of spices, tobacco, and cedar. They possess a luscious and velvety texture, with well-integrated tannins that provide structure and elegance to the wines. Troplong Mondot's winemaking approach emphasizes a careful balance between tradition and innovation, combining traditional fermentation methods with modern techniques to extract optimal flavors and aromas from the grapes. The wines typically have a remarkable aging potential, evolving and developing complexity over time. Overall, Troplong Mondot wines offer a captivating and sophisticated drinking experience, showcasing the unique terroir and craftsmanship of the estate.

The year 2015 was one where Saint-Emilion experienced an almost theatrical play between nature's forces: a textbook spring followed by a positively meteorological crescendo during the summer months, then culminating with benign skies as the precious fruit reached vinous maturity. The mercurial weather has painted a canvas wherein the 2015 Troplong Mondot delicately balances exuberance with elegance."

Rating :
JS 98 points from JS Wine Ratings
" Expressive, ripe dark plums swathed in aromas of mocha, toasted baking spices, graphite, blackberries and mulberries. The flavor-soaked palate arrives on suave, velvety tannins, delivering flavors of vibrant, concentrated dark plums, mulberries, dark chocolate and cocoa in a youthful, fresh style. Terrific wine with ultra-long finish. An essay in power and elegance. Essence-like. " - Tasted on Dec 27, 2018 by James Suckling

RP 96 from The Wine Advocate
" Blended of 90% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Cabernet Franc aged in French oak, 85% new, the deep garnet-purple colored 2015 Troplong Mondot is redolent of warm plums, blackberry tart and blueberry pie with suggestions of underbrush, bay leaves, cedar chest and lavender plus a waft of baking spices. Full-bodied and full-throttle in the mouth, the palate is decadently packed with a solid core of black and blue fruit layers, supported with firm, grainy tannins and finishing with loads of spicy layers. This pedal-to-the-metal beauty is the ultimate indulgence for the hedonists! " - Tasted on Fed 22, 2018 by Lisa Perrotti-Brown

Winery : Château Troplong Mondot
Region : Saint-Émilion / Bordeaux / France
Grape Varieties : Merlot , Cabernet Sauvihnon, Cabernet Franc
Alc / Vol : 15.5%
Format : 750 ml

特魯普隆·蒙多堡(Château Troplong Mondot)是法國波爾多聖艾美侯爵莊園(Saint-Émilion)地區的一個著名酒莊。它被歸類為一級著名酒莊B(Premier Grand Cru Classé B),彰顯其作為頂級紅酒生產商的地位。該酒莊具有可以追溯到18世紀末的歷史,經歷了現代化和擴張。其佔地約33公頃的葡萄園主要種植梅洛(Merlot)、赤霞珠(Cabernet Sauvignon)和品麗珠(Cabernet Franc)。特魯普隆·蒙多堡的葡萄酒以其豐富的果味、豐厚的結構和優雅的單寧聞名,通常需要一些陳年才能發揮其全部潛力。它們獲得了國際讚譽,並受到專家和愛好者的高度讚賞。



「表現出色,成熟的黑色李子散發著摩卡、烤烘烤香料、石墨、黑莓和桑椹的香氣。風味豐富的口感帶來柔滑、絲絨般的單寧,呈現出充滿活力、濃縮的黑色李子、桑椹、黑巧克力和可可的風味,風格年輕、新鮮。這是一款擁有極長餘韻的了不起的葡萄酒,展現了力量和優雅的結合,就像精華一樣。」- James Suckling於2018年12月27日評論。

RP酒評給予The Wine Advocate評分96分:
「這款2015年的Troplong Mondot混合了90%的梅洛、8%的赤霞珠和2%的品麗珠,經過法國橡木桶陳釀,其中85%是新桶。這款酒呈深石榴紅色,散發著溫暖的李子、黑莓塔和藍莓派的香氣,還帶有灌木叢、月桂葉、香櫃和薰衣草的味道,還有一絲烘烤香料的氣息。口感飽滿、充沛,口腔裡充滿了堅實的黑色和藍色水果層次,結構緊實,單寧細膩,收結時帶有豐富的香料層次。這款酒是極致的享受,給享樂主義者帶來無比的滿足!」- Lisa Perrotti-Brown於2018年2月22日評論。

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