Ao Yun 2014 敖雲乾紅酒
Ao Yun 2014 敖雲乾紅酒
Ao Yun 2014 敖雲乾紅酒
Ao Yun 2014 敖雲乾紅酒

Ao Yun 2014 敖雲乾紅酒

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"The taste of the HIMALAYAS"
"Flying above the clouds" is the story of an epic journey to a mystical place where an exceptional spirit of craft is encountered. 

No Mountain Too High
4 years to find and 4 days to reach, Ao Yun winery is sited next to the never-summited Meili Mountain, a testament to the daunting inaccessibility of the Himalayas. With neither road nor electricity in places, LVMH faced and surmounted fears every step of the way in their quest to find the ideal terroir.

By creating a world-class wine on par with the icons of the world, here in China they are rewritting the rules of winemaking with a new legend that inspires both sense and imagination.

2013 - the first vintage produced by Ao Yun

Country: Yunnan, China
Rating: 94 Points by James Suckling

Appearance:  An intense, deep dark colour.

Nose: Several layers of aromas that develop subtly, intertwining and evolving during the tasting. Intense red fruit, cassis, cherry which evolve to dark currant, spices, mint, tea leaves, mild tobacco.

Palate: Exuberant ripe red fruit, cherry stone, with a touch of spiciness, mild tobacco and minerality, with captivating and penetrating flavors.The wine is light with fine, supple and silky tannins. A lingering red fruit finish with very precise, chiseled tannins. A very harmonious, sophisticated, delicate wine with a long finish.

General: Complexity, freshness, elegance and subtle tannins make up the unique character of this new Himalayan terroir, which AoYun 2013 expresses for the first time.

Serving: Optimal tasting temperature between 16°-18°-no tasting above 20°, so wine temperature needs to be adjusted depending on room temperature (15°if room >20°).

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