Wine Perfume and Diffuser

Olfaction N' is an high-end toiletries brand which contains fragrance and aromatherapy ingredients. The Dijon Cassis series pays hommage to the story of Bacchus the God of Wine and his love story with Ariadne. 

The myth of Bacchus and Ariadne begins with the Greek hero Theseus. The Athenian hero Theseus, snuck onto the island of Crete in order to slay the vicious Minotaur. With the help of the princess Ariadne, Theseus successfully defeats the beast. He falls in love with Ariadne, but only for a short time. As they escape Crete, Theseus and Ariadne stop to rest on the island of Naxos. While Ariadne sleeps, Theseus sails away, abandoning her on the deserted island. While Ariadne rests the god of wine, Bacchus, comes upon her and instantly falls in love. Ariadne eventually becomes his immortal wife.

Experience the essence of this vinous love through Olfaction n' Dijon Cassis Perfume and Diffuser.