Hennessy VSOP CNY 2021 Limited Edition
Hennessy VSOP CNY 2021 Limited Edition
Hennessy VSOP CNY 2021 Limited Edition
Hennessy VSOP CNY 2021 Limited Edition

Hennessy VSOP CNY 2021 Limited Edition 軒尼詩V.S.O.P 2021春節限量版

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Spring’s arrival illuminates every family with spontaneous joy and new possibilities. Under the auspices of the year of the Ox, it is a time to celebrate self-esteem and openness to new future opportunities. Echoing the depth of tastes of Hennessy’s cognacs, the organic curves painted by world renown artist Chinese artist Liu Wei are an invitation to let yourself discover the highlights of a rich color palette evoking spring’s fresh cheerfulness.

Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège is a balanced cognac, expressing 200 years of Hennessy's know-how. The fruit of nature’s uncertainties, this unique blend has tamed the elements to craft and embody the original concept of cognac. The emotion awakened by the pleasure of tasting it continually reveals new facets of its personality.

The savoir-faire of the Maison Hennessy is fully expressed in this balanced cognac: the selection of eaux-de-vie, aging and assemblage. A cognac of remarkable consistency and vitality, Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège conveys all of the savoir-faire of the Hennessy master blenders who have ensured the continued success of this harmonious assemblage for 200 years. 

Hennessy honours the Lunar New Year 2021 by unveiling a collaboration with contemporary artist: Liu Wei. Trained as a painter at the China Academy of Art, Liu Wei is considered one of China’s first generation of “new wave” artists and a member of the “Post-sense Sensibility” artists. For Hennessy, Liu Wei conceived “SPRING” as a sensorial invitation to experience the season of rebirth through an abstract artwork of almost psychedelic joy. A visual echo to the depth of Hennessy cognacs, the painting appears freestyle and organic; its vibrant shades of fuchsia, blue, green and yellow buoy the spirit. The emotional resonance of the piece, which was designed to remain open to individual interpretation, is rooted in a constant quest for what the Beijing-based artist calls “a certain kind of beauty within a world of possibility. That quest mirrors the time-honored savoir-faire Hennessy Master Blenders draw upon to craft exceptional cognacs, generation after generation.

Tasting Note: On the nose, the first fragrances perceived are soft spices such as vanilla, clove and cinnamon. Then delicate toasted notes follow, arising from the maturation in oak barrels. On the palate, the natural balance of strength and smoothness creates a harmonious blend in which maturity combines with vigor. The structure is softened by a suggestion of fresh grape character.

Country: France

軒尼詩與藝術家劉韡攜手,以其藝術作品「春」推出將設計由外盒延伸至瓶身的「軒尼詩V.S.O.P 2021春節限量版」與「軒尼詩X.O 2021春節限量版」。

「軒尼詩V.S.O.P 2021春節限量版」透過抽象與栩栩如生的變化與動感曲線,體現干邑圓潤滑順的口感,並以生氣盎然的海棠紅、藍、綠和黃色色調,探索軒尼詩的無限可能。